Thursday, September 26, 2013


These past few days, I have been away from home due to calls of duty. I have been a resource speaker in Comprehensive Development Plan , Executive-Legislative Agenda and Capacity Development Agenda formulation. More than the financial token received, it is my pride to play a great role in facilitating a plan formulation in cities, municipalities or towns where I am invited to facilitate. I hone my skills in facilitating, in public speaking and I meet new friends. The only negative effect I observe is that I gain more weight.  Three square meals are served in several dishes and added to these are two snacks; one in the morning and in the evening.  Despite efforts to maintain my weight, I find it hard not to indulge in eating three square meals.  My tummy is now bulging slightly. I wish to loose these excess weights. It will not be easy, it will be tough. But, to get there I shall take the first step.

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