Monday, October 28, 2013


Regular holiday today because of the barangay elections in the country.  No work for me and for other public servants as we should be exercising our right of suffrage.  The voting in my precinct was peaceful and orderly and it was so hassle free.  Someone facilitated to look for my precinct number and my number in the list of voters.  I only queued behind two voters.  I cast my vote at past 2pm, and the closing of the voting was 3pm.  I am glad my candidate won according to my sister who came to visit me. I am not sure though, if his comrades siding with him also won. After today, and after the winning candidates shall have been proclaimed, it will usher a lot of work for me and my other colleagues in my department because the capacitating them will follow, capacitating officials, which is part of my job.

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