Sunday, December 29, 2013

Car protection

Friday morning of November 8,2013 could never be forgotten. I woke up to the whooping sound of wind on my window. A grimacing thought came on me that  it must be it, the super typhoon yolanda, starting with its onslaught. I had to go downstairs calling my younger son to wake up and accompany me outside to where my car is parked. I had to transfer it to a safer place, away from the possible falling or flying of debris like galvanized sheets, woods , and worst trees. I surmised it was 5:30am and as we went outside, clad in my night dress, the power went off. My son and i had to share in one umbrella and head towards the car outside the house. I drove as fast as i could, missing the ritual heating of the engine early in the morning. I reached the vacant lot inside the subdivision and halted the car, saw to it that its away from houses. We went back to the house as fast as we could, almost blown away from our toes by the strong winds. It was my first experience of a strongest typhoon, with my sons with me to battle it. I will write my sequel of the story in my next post.

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Dave Lucas said...

Good thing you were able to get as much out of harm's way as you did!

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