Thursday, January 16, 2014


Typhoon Yolanda is an unforgettable experience.  It created a trauma in me and my kids system.  Whenever it rains as it has been and heavily lately, the fear is there that there might be a storm signal, again.  Debris are  everywhere as clearing, construction and repair operations are being conducted.  Debris could not be collected immediately along the side of the roads as there is lack of garbage equipment to collect them.  My house roofing has temporary roofing installed.  Leaks inside the  house has been contained.  Electric power connection has not been installed, yet as the electric cooperatives are still in the process of fixing the electrical wirings.  Internet access is not obtainable, as well. Cable tv connection is remote to be fixed in the next couple of months.  Almost three months now after the typhoon destructions occur but its effects are still felt and we still find it hard to adjust to it.  Until all utilities are restored, we will continue to live our lives abnormally.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Repairs are all around every household.  After the typhoon, I guess everybody will be doing some sort of repairs. There is a lot of job looming ahead for repairmen and handymen.  They need tools, though in order to be efficient and effective. Tools like ball plungers, push fit plungers and the like would be a big help to them.  It is sometimes difficult to be looking around for these tools but ball plunger from this site  can be a lot of help.  It is good to know where to find the right tools where needed.  One doe not need to be looking around to find what he needs. I will remember this site also for my personal home repairs.


Typhoon Yolanda struck down at 5:00AM in Eastern Samar.  I went out of the house to shield my new car from possible damage at 5:25AM.  With my car secured, in my mind, in an open area near the subdivision gate, I went back with my son to the house amid rain and strong winds. A neighbor across my house was securing his roof when we went back.  My two sons secured the windows with tie wire that should the strong winds try top open the windows, it would have hard time doing it.  As they were finishing it, we saw the roof across the house of my neighbor who was securing them, blown by the strong wind. From upstairs, we try to see what was happening outside. We were all gripped with fear as our roofing were being tried to be uprooted by the strong winds. And we heard a big thud on the roofing and then the gush of water came in. We all went downstairs in fear of being blown away together with our roofing.  The water continued to gush down.  We gathered our wits, we pull our pails on the part where water was cascading to stop the flooding inside our living room. Next post will be the continuation of my ordeal from typhoon Yolanda.


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