Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I was just mentioning about problems in my previous posts and here I am again mentioning about them.  I am glad that I don't engage in drugs as my coping mechanism.  For some, it is their coping mechanism.  However, the bad part of it is the addiction.  There are although treatment like opiate drug detox to treat the addiction for drugs but it is still best to avoid engaging in illegal drugs.  It helps though that there are effective treatments for those who are addicted to drugs. These drugs can be accessed at a mouse click away.  More than drugs however, it is the person who is receiving the treatment to have the willingness to be treated, otherwise all treatments will be futile.


Since the Super Typhoon Yolanda, everything has not been normal. Psychologically, it is traumatic since everywhere you see is associated with the effects of Yolanda.  Minor problems encountered is aggravated because the stress is always there and it is immediately aggravated by any minor problems.  When these would end is an uncertain phenomenon.  I was driving this morning when I just sobbed and cry because of a problem I remember.  The triggering element that made me cry was the big pile of debris and many small children were scavenging through them.  How hard and difficult life is. It is full of problems and stresses.  However, I came to think that I am still lucky and the people around me are still lucky because we are in good physical health.  There are many whose problems are bigger than what I have. It is a reason for me to somehow feel fine and go on with my day. I might as well meet with my friends later in the afternoon and have coffee with them.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...