Sunday, July 20, 2014


It has been five years ago since the last major refurbishment made to my house.  Since then the house maintenance received simply comprised of cleaning. There is a wall leakage that I have been grappling with for a more than a year now.  I had it fixed but the leak is still there. As a result, the cupboards got rotten and some cabinet drawers got stucked and could hardly be opened.  The fix should start from the source of the leak. I am just waiting for this rainy season to be over so I can have a house repair in this part of the kitchen. I would need ready to install cupboards and 36" Drawer Slides. I try to maintain a cozy home, but until these repairs are done, my house is not worth the visit. 


The city fiesta in my place is long gone and over last June 30 but I can't help but recall the trace it left with my one year old car. It left dents and car scratches and its front signal light cover on the left side broke. My daughter drove the car on June 27 when many entertainment shows and attractions were held in the downtown area. Daughter never elaborated the details on how the car got those traumas. I smelled something fishy why she kept mum over the car damage thing. The car had a fantastic repair as it now looks like brand new all over again. Thanks to the car repair mechanic and the car shop owner who fixed the car in three days at a lower cost. Driving experience with a car that just had damage lowers self-confidence. It is an unexplainable feeling. But now no more. The car is now looking fresh and new like it never had any car damage at all.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...