Saturday, September 6, 2014


What an unfortunate day it was for me. I lost my gold bracelet that costs more than tens of thousands. It got lost on my way home from Cebu City. Lesson learned out of it is to never ever wear genuine jewelries while on travel.  The lock of that bracelet must have been accidentally opened as I was putting off and on my backpack.  I noticed its loss an hour after arrival at home.  I made efforts to locate it at the car of an officemate who gave me a lift from airport to home but it was not there in the car.  I felt sad about it as I lost a precious investment.  I hope whoever finds it will use the bracelet for the good of his family.


A Mom said...

oh boy! that's was really sad indeed sis :( hope someone will turn it to you if they found it.

Prettymom said...

You are right avoid wearing genuine jewelry while on travel