Saturday, December 26, 2015


Merry Christmas everyone! Hoping that my friends are enjoying this holiday together with their friends and family.  Mine was celebrated with my family and immediate relatives to a resort in Ormoc City, my family's getaway. I am referring to Sabin Resort Hotel in Ormoc City. We went there yesterday and stayed overnight. The children enjoyed swimming in the pool and only got out for dinner. Dinner was held at our favorite barbecue grill center by the downtown area of Ormoc. It was always a long table for us as my headcount totalled to 21. Everyone loved chicken and pork barbecue. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and continued to dip in the pool until 9:30, pm. The music coming from the live band was entertaining as we swim in the pool.

Fortunately, every Fridays there is ballroom dancing in the hotel with the live band and stereo music alternately playing. I had the chance to dance cha cha, swing and tango with a dance instructor who was the best dance instructor I have ever met. He danced more gracefully than I do. He is a gay dance instructor. I got his contact number just in case I would need his services in future social functions held in Ormoc City.

It was a nice family bonding. Christmas was made more meaningful for my family because of family gatherings and getaway. I just hope that future Christmases will again be celebrated together with my immediate relatives as well as with their children.

Monday, December 7, 2015


Still have a lot of things to do despite the year's ending. I thought all along that I could enjoy my five day's forced leave but it seems I can not because of the lined up activities that are essential to be completed before the year ends. I am enjoying the work but I can not help worry  about my extra job which also needs performance results. I shall doubly work in order to produce the desired results expected of me. Wth focus and composure I am sure to accomplish my goals.


This coming Christmas season, the traditional house to house christmas carolling is still in among children and adults. Mostly, the adult carolers would come with a guitar and maracas. The children would sing acapella and most of the times an adept listener could hear the lyrics being minced and interchanged which however make them cute just the same. There was once a group of carolers who came by our house with a formal letter in advance that they would come on such a date and time for carolling. It was the best carolling I ever heard because they exemplify a combination of good music and good voices. The guitar they were using was sounding that beautiful sound of a musicians friend telecaster and I proved myself true when I asked one of them, later. I happily gave a big amount as they inspire me with their good music. Best voices should be complemented with a choice of best musical instrument such as this musician's friend telecaster.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


The week ahead will be so busy for me. Two days that I would be attending a seminar and that would mean more sitting than moving around all day long listening to lectures and doing the assigned workshops.  This is not healthy for me because aside from the lack of moving about and lack of stretching of extremities, there is the abundance of food, in contrast. This has always been the case during seminars and trainings, fattening. The temptation to eat is high and risk of indulgence is most likely to happen. I know this can be remedied by shedding off of added calories, but nowadays the weather does not cooperate. It has been inclement for weeks now. I pray the weather would be fine next week for comfortable jogging.


I can count by my fingers the number of wedding occasions where I take part as a wedding sponsor. I can guess why. It is because most people who do not know me so well perceive me to be unapproachable. I have heard comments from people who were proven wrong with their misconceptions of me. Well, this misconception works fine for me for the very reason that I won't be saddled with having the compulsion of buying a new gown to wear for the wedding occasion, especially to blend with the wedding theme or color motif. I love attending weddings, though. It is my best party ever.  I love reminiscing the feeling of being a bride in a church wedding, most especially.  I also enjoy the challenge of having to find the best gift to the wedding couple, one that they would find useful and that would remind them of me. It is a hassle sometimes, though, especially when I do not have the luxury of time to find the best. Glad that there is now the internet world to shop for wedding gifts and favors like the wedding favors at Favor Warehouse. No hassle shopping because for just a click of the mouse or tap of the fingers, voila, you can find the best wedding favors you are looking for. Saves time and energy and most of all, it gives the best value of your money.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I am glad to be part of the Insurance company I am affiliated with for almost three years now. It is my extra job as a Financial Advisor. It gives me extra income. Being one was a work in progress in in this insurance industry. The first year was difficult. I only had few sign ups. In the second year, my first year sign ups doubled. On this third year I worked amazingly. I had to battle with the hours after my office even up to ten at night and also during weekends.  It was a challenge and mission at the same time. I am glad to be part of the lives of the many people I have touched in preparing for their future and for ensuring the future of their loved ones.  Through this post I hope to be able to find people who will invest in their future.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


As far as national budgeting is concerned, there is now this budgeting process reform that has been going on for two years now. The approach is bottom up budgeting, as the name budgeting starts from the bottom or from the grassroots level. This is an approach in budgeting that enjoins people's participation in making a decision on what to plan for the municipality that would address the existing poverty situation at the barangay levels. As one of the members of the oversight agency for this bottom up budgeting program, I can say that this approach works well compared to the previous budgeting approaches in the national government.  I am happy to be actively involved in facilitating this planning and budgeting process.  

Monday, September 21, 2015


Happy Monday everyone. It will be a busy one for me. I woke up early now so I can start my day very early. I shall have to brace myself for a tiring and sweating speaking engagement in a warm auditorium. I hope it will rain to cool down the venue. I accepted the speaking invite last week related to disaster management. So, off I go and till then.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


I was cleaning the house when I saw the recording of the songs of the choir group of my office where I was a member of. I played it. I noticed that our song recording was not so good. I noticed some popping noise over the recording. I wonder if the microphones used ever had pop-noise protection filter just like the function of ps101. The fast moving air causes mechanical impact over the microphone and this popping noise coudl have been filtered by the pop filter. Anyway, now that I know about it I will next time recommend it to recording studios whenever I have the chance to record again.


Happy Sunday everyone. I am watching a tv program where the topic of the discussion is anemia. It is a very informative tv program and I always watch it every Sunday. A specialist doctor is always invited as the resource person on a particular topic. Anemia according to the discussion can be caused by blood loss, iron deficiency and anemic of chronic disease or long term medical condition. The treatment of anemia starts with identifying the underlying cause. A doctor shall be consulted when the following symptoms of anemia occurs: anemia extreme fatigue, paleness, weakness, shortness of breath, chest pains, frequent infections, headache, dizziness or light headiness. It pays to know some information about body health issues. Makes me vigilant.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Exercise Your Brain

How many times have you walked into a room and forgotten why you headed there in the first place? Or met someone and forgotten their name within the first 15 minutes of talking to them? Maybe you’re one of those people who have to constantly refer back to past notes in lectures and presentations because you struggle to retain what you’ve heard a hundred times before. I am guilty of all of the above, in fact my family jokes that if it weren’t for the fact that my alarm is programmed to say ‘Name, it’s time to wake up’ I would forget my own name!
Fortunately I’m not the only scatterbrained ditz in the world so there are a load of solutions and techniques designed to improve my memory and get my brain to optimum operating levels!
Exercise body and mind
Everybody knows that exercise is good for keeping your body fit and healthy. But they may not know that there are studies that say a single 15 minute exercise session improves your memory and cognitive functions! But I’m not just talking about physical exercise here. There are a ton of online resources for activities and exercises that are designed to train your brain and improve not only how much you remember, but how quickly you read, learn and react to a variety of stimuli.

Repetition is key
When you are trying to learn something new then the best way to go about it is by repetition. When you’re learning about something new but you’re struggling to keep all the facts straight head online and find everything you can on that topic, including videos, articles and images. Most people have their own way of presenting facts and there are a hundred different ways to say the same thing, but by absorbing the same set of information in a multitude of ways your brain doesn’t get bored and stays engaged.

Learn new things
While you may be passionate about one particular thing your brain starts getting bored if you just keep doing the same activities and talking about the same things with the same people all the time. You could think of your brain as a young child that needs to be kept entertained everyday of your life. While they are perfectly happy to play with their action figures for hours, they will eventually get bored and then you better have something else to keep them occupied for a few more hours. So learn a new language, master a new game, learn a new dance, or teach yourself a new craft. Just keep your brain entertained! And when you need supplies for your new hobbies don't forget to look for profitable coupons and promo codes for, which will help you get huge reductions on all your shopping.

Use brain training apps and resources
There are literally hundreds of online sources and apps that have brain training programs. And many of them have been developed using clinically proven methods and techniques. Someone else has done all the hard work of creating a program that actually does what it says and improves your memory or how fast you think, so why waste effort trying to figure it out on your own!

Eat chocolate (and other good foods!)
Now this tip is actually my favorite because I will use any excuse to eat chocolate, in fact I’ll eat through you to get to it! But there are a number of scientifically proven benefits to eating dark chocolate that make eating it more than just a guilty pleasure. When you eat chocolate your brain produces dopamine. And dopamine has the amazing side effect of helping you to learn faster and improve your memory. Plus it has flavonols and natural antioxidants that are also great for keeping your brain fit and healthy.
So what are you waiting for? Don’t just sit here reading this article, head out and start flexing your cerebral muscle!


The Philippines is noted to have the lowest financial literacy rate among Southeast Asian countries, says in the national tv news. I so much agree. I could feel this prior to knowing the country's official standing as far as knowledge about inflation and uncertain economic prospects is concerned across the Asia Pacific countries. As a financial advisor of Sunlife of Canada here in the Philippines, I have witnessed in some of my clients the poor grasp on the basic concepts of financial planning and planning for the future.  Most people I talked to leave the future of their retirement years to chance.  Worst, most of them are not bent on securing their physical well-being and their financial wellness. I told myself that I should gear up for a massive work ahead, with or without financial gains. I am proud to be part of the people I converted from being carefree to being able to stand for a cause for themselves and for their families. I am proud to have known Sunlife. I also know that I should continue my mission in educating my fellowmen for their financial freedom.

Friday, August 7, 2015


Musicians always fascinate me. I am awestruck all the time when I see and meet people who are. It is why I always encourage my children to improve their learned craft in music. As a child, I always think it is possible to learn playing musical instruments. My uncle who was blind since birth was a pro in all musical instruments he had. He always fascinates me and he was my inspiration all the time. He even was the trusted resource person of family friends who wanted to buy musical instruments. They would let him come with them in shopping. His ears were maybe just magical to hear the quality sound of instruments. I am pretty sure he would recommend the musical instruments at When buying musical instruments, one should not compromise the quality and the cost. Why not try it here?


Driving a car is not an easy task. A driver should be very responsible in all aspects. It is very important that he knows the traffic laws and rules. Before heading on to drive, the car should be ensured that it is of good condition, among others, check that brakes and tires, water, and oil levels are good. These are essential check-ups to be done regularly. High risks are always posed to the driver and to other people when one is driving. To mitigate these risks, the previous things cited here should be considered. And, on the part of the driver, he is risking himself of state violation if he is not properly equipped with driver's license. For one who is issued with a student permit driver's license, must not drive without a companion who possesses a professional or non-professional driver's license. Never rely on memory, as this most of the time fails, nor  just ignore checking the expiry date of the driver's license. This is a very big infraction to the State and it could bring one into financial trouble once caught in an accident or just caught by the Police upon inspection. These are friendly reminders for drivers. And funny, because my driver's license has since expired last year during my birthday without me knowing it till yesterday. It caused me panic. Now, I shall cancel previous appointments for the day as I have to renew  my driver's license at the licensing office.


Cooking skill is very important for mothers. That is, even if house helpers are around. There is that thing called "ingredient of love " among moms who cook. But of course, moms should see to it that the kitchen is immaculately cleaned and well organized.  Well, speaking abut the latter, the use of 48" Drawer slides are proven to give the kitchen a clutter-free look. To those who are yet to make a design of their kitchen, and to those who would like to get an idea on how to refurbish their existing kitchen, it is worthwhile to click this link. It would look ravishing for the kitchen if it were to be designed this way

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I only know a few Hollywood celebrities and one of them is Chris Brown. I used to keep abreast on news about him and Rihanna when they were still sweethearts. However, when news broke out about violence committed against Rihanna, I stopped minding about their affair. Recently, Chris Brown was in the Philippines for a concert. Last July 21  of this year he performed at the MOA Arena in Manila in front of many audiences.  When he was about to leave the Philippines on July 22 for Hongkong  he was stopped by government authorities due to a complain filed by the promoters of his supposedly show scheduled in New Year's eve last year and where Chris Brown made a no show. The promoters demand the return of their money through court.

I wish Chris Brown will trod the path to righteousness. He should be careful next time in making commitments without ensuring that all aspects related to concerts are settled, especially, payments. He must have learned a lesson and made discernment and reflection during his detainment at the airport for a few days. For whatever, it is, I only wish him well.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Me and my siblings are such musically inclined people.  I owe it from my father's genetics. My father used to spend time during Sundays at the house of a cousin who has a band.  He sings while his cousins play the instruments where they are pro. As a little girl then, it was my dream to acquire all musical instruments and create my own band.  However, it did not materialize until now.  Anyway, I remember this mandolin being played by my blind uncle.  He was amazingly playing the mandolin perfectly that he could even beat anyone who could see. He can replace the mandolin bridge with accuracy and speed.  I love the sound of mandolins.  I have this mandolin way back in my high school days and it was given to my blind uncle when he transferred and lived in another city. I have not heard a word about him since then but I am pretty sure that he still play a lot of musical instruments until now.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Until I went home in the late afternoon from office today, I was still thinking about the auditors from an international non-government organization who came for an audit of the funds it had downloaded to the local government unit I am presently assigned.  They were six looking odd and emotionless and unfriendly fellows. During the initial interaction with them, they projected an aloof attitude and it remained that way until the closing of office hours today.

They have occupied my office space and so I gave way and shared space in the office next to mine for the whole day.  The morning was hot and humid inside my office as the airconditioner was not allowed to be used yet while the electrician was fixing the damaged power meter.  The airconditioner was only made available in the afternoon and so I went inside my office to tell them they can already switch on the circuit breaker and the airconditioning unit. To my frustration, not one ever talked to me, to say thank you at least. I find them strange and weird. Why can't they ever appear friendly? If its a protocol to them to remain aloof to their clients so they won't be a bit influenced on their audit, why they can still achieve this aim without appearing like robots. I still believe that smooth interpersonal relations matters a lot in any field of work. I stress this importance especially when strangers in a place and when resources in that area are being used, such as my office. I hope to find them already wearing a slight smile, at the least, on their faces tomorrow.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


A message in my inbox made me happy this morning. The promised financial assistance to government employees whose houses were affected by Typhoon Yolanda will come to reality, at last. It will be funded under the President's Social Fund. With requirements such as the summary of expenses duly attested to by the Punong Barangay in my place and a certification that I am the lone member from among my household who can avail of this financial assistance, the funds will be released to me once the funds shall have been downloaded to my office.  I hope this fund, albeit long overdue,  will be released soon so I can use this for the schooling expenses of my children. I have already made some repairs to my house using my personal funds, so this amount will be a sort of reimbursement to my expenses.


Summertime is a time to enroll my kids in music lessons. It is a time to while their time. My sons are into enhancing their musical skills. For my elder it is playing the organ while for the younger it is playing the drums. My eldest daughter, who is now a police officer, has stopped her acoustic guitar lessons. In fairness, she plays and sings through acoustic guitar almost real and identical as the original guitarist and singer she mimics. She has improved a lot through constant practice. The acoustic guitar I bought for her is worth the money I paid for it. My elder son is now also practicing playing guitar. Constant practice with his friends and before the guitar lessons in the internet will make him like a pro guitarist. I hope my younger son will follow suit. When my kids get experts in their musical instruments, I can be their singer. I am lucky to have a family of music lovers.


It has been a long while since I got here in my site again. Internet connection hampers me to do the posting. I am using my pocket wifi only and most of the time it is not having a fast connectivity.

Well, what I like to blog here now is about my birthday celebration. It was a special and touching celebration away from home. I was at a Cebu City hotel in a 5-day live-in seminar as one of the resource speakers with heads of municipal departments as participants. After dinner, a "socials" party followed. There was a videoke instrument and so I sang a song. After my song, the surprise part followed. It turned out to be a party celebration for me. Lights turned off, a jolly birthday song played in the room and the elective officials came to the center space of the room with a candle lighted birthday cake.  Everybody was singing a birthday song and so I stood up, headed to the center, made a birthday wish, blow the birthday cake and accepted it. I felt ecstatic on that moment. Never had I celebrated my debut party. I felt the feeling of having a debut party that time. I heartily thanked everyone for making my day. It was my first to experience a surprise birthday party.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Life begins at 40, so the adage goes.  I am half believing this in the context of health challenges. At 40 man's metabolism gets slower that with an unhealthy lifestyle could get one into big health trouble.  It is so important to have self-discipline in terms of food and drinks intake. Exercise and detoxification helps. Some people are a living testimony of the benefits of magnetic bracelets that are good for the health.  It is worth a try, why not? Let me try it for myself. After all, if it work wonders for others, it will work for me, too.


I am enjoying my new android cellphone. I downloaded a handful of apps that would be so useful to me in my daily tasks at work, home and in my businesses.  This morning I downloaded three free fiction books that I can read in my spare time. I can't wait to start reading one book tonight.  Reminds me to buy a new SD card tomorrow for more storage space in my mobile unit. Also, I shall buy a power bank to charge mobile unit. Power goes off faster due to frequent calls and surfing in the net. I really love and enjoy my new android mobile unit, it is beyond bore.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Ever had this bad experience with Cebu Pacific Airlines? Last December i purchased online, using my credit card, airline tickets for Manila. As typhoon Ruby was looming to make a landfall on the day where we will be in Manila, i cancelled the trip for all three of us, two other are my officemates, on that scheduled trip. With the cancellation made online, out of the over forty thousand pesos total cost of the fare, eight thousand pesos was deducted as cancellation fee. The remaining amount after deducting the 8thousand cancellation fee was made as travel fund.  This travel fund expires in ninety days.  How ridiculous, it is. When i recently used my travel fund for a trip to manila, an amount of one thousand six hundred eighty was charged for name change fee. This is more ridiculous. How could it charge me for name change fee when i was the one traveling?This i personally complained to the cebu pacific office and it is such a hassle to do it as it would take about two hours for them to finally settle with an answer that the amount for name change fee will be given back to me as travel fund. Whew, i would never like to travel again with cebu pacific nor recommend future group bookings with this airline.To me, its system socks.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Regular car maintenance check-up is a must. I do this religiously on my car at my car dealer service center.  Recent car check-up was February 1st week. It was diagnosed that my car tires need replacement, For a two-year old car I thought it was too early to do it, But car technicians know best. I should buy five new tires, soon.  I need quality tires and I scouted in the car stores in my city but I found none, Hmm, maybe I have to buy it online as it is now the trend. No need for me to personally buy it Manila or Cebu.  Got to do this now to give ample time for delivery.  In times like this, I thank the modern technology for making things easy for me. A simple click of the mouse and voila I am done with my transaction in a short time,

Couponing for People Who Don’t Have Time to Coupon

Think couponing is only for people who have countless hours to clip, snip and shop?  Think again. Couponing can be accessible for anyone by following just a few simple guidelines. Additionally, couponing is just like any other skill, you get better at the more you do it. Here are some simple tips to get you started on your money saving journey.
Stick to a schedule, use only one store
Yes, yes, I know that you can save more if you shop at different places. But that technique is really only for the experienced (not to mention time-rich) couponers. If you’re like the rest of us, you don’t have the time to hit 5 different stores for your groceries on 3 different days. You can still save bucks in a manner that’s a lot more sustainable by narrowing your shopping down to one day and one store.
Use online coupons
There are entire websites (and a lot of them) available for the express purpose of collecting coupons and matching up sales. A simple online search can help you find coupons relevant to your needs, as well as help you find new ways to save! If you want an example, simply visit Discountrue and you'll see how easy to navigate it is and what sort of deals you can find there.
Stop clipping
Seriously, stop. It’s really not necessary, and it’s not a great way to be organized, anyways. You can keep your coupon inserts from the Sunday paper in a file folder (labeled with the date of the newspaper) and take it to the store, just like that! You will need a way to organize your loose coupons, and there are a lot of binders and other organizers on the market that you can use.
Decide where you’d like to save money
Keep the receipts from your non-couponed grocery trips for a month or two, then sit down and look over where you spend your money and where you’d like to save. Part of more efficient grocery shopping is about identifying areas that you are overspending and then looking to see if there are coupons that can help. You won’t be saving money if you find coupons that encourage you to purchase things you weren’t purchasing to begin with. If the bulk of your money gets spent on meat and produce, you’re not likely to find a lot of coupons for those types of items. However you can still learn the sale dates of your grocery store and aim to purchase meat, etc. on those dates only. Additionally, anyone can save on toiletries, paper goods, etc. and that’s the bulk of products that you’ll find coupons for!

The trick to couponing, especially at the beginning, is to make it sustainable. It’s okay if you miss a weekend, it’s okay if you miss a sale. Any money that you save is money saved, no matter if that number is large or small. Creating a sustainable couponing method is the best way to guarantee that you’ll keep it up, which means you’ll get better at it, which means you’ll increase your savings over time!

Sunday, February 15, 2015


I had a valentine experience that i will never forget. This was my dinner experience with a friend in a restaurant at Robinson. The resto was packed with many customers but my friend who came ahead of me managed to find us a seat. We post our food orders of local rice noodles, budbod na turon-a ripe banana wrapped in thin lumpia wrapper and glazed with hersheys and mango puree syrup, and for our drinks we ordered mango shakes. The wait for our food took for more than an hour but we were informed that there was no more mango shake. We, nevertheless ate our food with gusto. After eating, we asked for our bill. We asked from three staffs but it never came until we decided to leave the resto without paying. Not that we are evading the payment of our bill but i am going there today to pay for it.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Tired? Here are some tips for you
Being exhausted, you are missing out on the fun that is taking place around you. At the same time, it is affecting your health, office life, and family time.
Tiredness can be because of a number of reasons.
Let us understand the reasons and know possible solutions for it.

Poor health
This is one of the biggest reasons for tiredness. If you are not taking care of your body, you might feel exhausted at regular intervals during the day.
So, take good care of yourself. If needed, consult a doctor.

Spine issues
There are a number of issues related to your spine and if they are persistently aching, get in touch with a specialist.
Spine issues can be because of a poor mattress too.
However, it is better to ask the specialist to guide you and if the issue is related to the mattress, buy a new one at offers exciting discounts on the purchase of a mattress and related items. So, look for a comfortable mattress and buy it before your back pain makes your life terrible. While purchase it, don’t forget to use 10% Off Sears Coupons because these promo codes can get you the best deals on the site.

Poor eating habits
Well, you are sure that you are eating healthy food items. However, if your eating habits are poor, even healthy food items cannot save the day for you.
So, work on them. There are books written by experts to guide you and help you form good eating habits. You can purchase it online. To get additional discounts on the same, use promo codes. Discounts can be availed by looking into a store’s clearance sale.

Natural Sunlight deficiency
Yes, this is a type of deficiency too because we are forming a habit to stay in our closed office room or rest in our closed bedroom throughout the day. Yes, artificial sources can help you cope up with deficiencies of Vitamin D.
However, natural sunlight is better, and you should make it a point to get into the sun for at least fifteen minutes daily. Getting enough sunlight, you not only increase your Vitamin D levels, but also get rid of a number of other deficiencies.

There are side-effects of being caffeine-overloaded. Yes, caffeine helps us stay awake and improves are efficiency, but nothing in excess is good. A person, who is caffeine-overloaded, will face issues such as dehydration, irritability, and headache.
So, look for substitutes and live a healthier life.
Suggestions: Blueberries, spinach, salmon, oranges, and almonds.

There are times when we confused laziness with tiredness. Laziness is an act we perform to avoid something while tiredness forces us to avoid something because we have drained out our energy and were not in a position to carry out that task.
So, stop being lazy and work when you should work.

Don’t overdo
Well, we all know that our energies are limited. S, it is better to set a limit and work to achieve an achievable goal. This way, we will not burden ourselves with too many things and will be in a position to get back on track with ease.

Poor sleep
Well, what do you do at night? Technically, one should sleep, but we are either fiddling with our smartphones or playing games. Stop doing it!

If you are in your bed, sleep! Even if you are not sleepy, listen to some melodies or random soothing music. Whatever is possible, do it and sleep on time. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


It is February 11 now, Start of fiesta holidays here. Yesterday, it was fiesta in one village, Now, it is fiesta in a barangay or village near my barangay.  Expectedly, there would be traffic jam as many vehicles will surely dominate the narrow roads of V & G subdivision. I don't plan to heed the fiesta invitations of two friends in V & G. I would rather go to my office to finish some unfinished tasks, Going to the fiestas would mean eating more than I need and intake of more calories. I am watching over my diet. I am not getting any younger and my metabolism is getting slower. Fiestas and party invitations expectedly have plenty of food too eat. Diet limits become unlimited in most cases. To avoid, I had better stay away from fiestas and parties.

Monday, January 19, 2015


The recent Christmas in my city and in other typhoon affected municipalities and towns is not as festive as the previous Christmases that passed. This was mainly because of the recent super typhoon that hit my place and many parts of the region.  But I am so sure that in the next years to come, the Christmas season will be festive because the people will have recovered and restored their houses and their livelihood.  Every house will surely have holiday decors and ornaments hanged inside and outside their houses for Christmas. The Christmas ornaments at christopher radko are a good buy of Christmas decors. A variety of items to choose from can be seen at their website. It can be accessed 24/7.


Pope Francis is now on transit back to Rome.  The Filipinos are still euphoric from having a glimpse and touch of Pope Francis.  Few had a chance to talk and some few were able to kiss and hug the Pope.  The Filipino spirits are truly water and typhoon proof. Despite the heavy rains with gusty winds, the Filipinos weathered them all just to meet the Pope.  He has imparted some words of wisdom that will forever be treasured and remembered by the Filipinos. May the Pope"s visit put end to fights and bickerings that cause trouble and misunderstandings among people in the country.  May your words live on to be lived, Pope Francis!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


The Pope, Pope Francis, will be arriving in my city, Tacloban City,  on January 17.  His visit spell many changes and improvements in the roads of Tacloban City and Palo, Leyte.  Asphalt overlays were made to make sure that the automobile of the Pope will not get stucked on holes. It is one of the benefits I saw with the Pope's coming. Another is hiring of people for clean up and carpentry jobs. The roads have been cleaned up and wood barricades were made to be put in the middle of the roads from Tacloban Airport to Palo, Leyte.  On January 16, the roads will be closed for cars and other forms of vehicles.  The State and church officials are one in the preparations for the coming of the Pope.

Monday, January 12, 2015


It is late at night here but I am still ahead working over my office paperworks.  I would like to be more productive tomorrow, Monday, so I made some paperworks ahead of schedule. I am guilty when I couldn't do much in a day. Everyday I will write down my schedule and should stick to it. Writing my schedule for the next days will help a lot to keep me on track.  Saves me time and lets me finish my tasks early.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Driving has never been this more adventurous.  The way to my work station now takes more time to travel since I am taking another route, not the usual route I used to take.  I am not familiar with the travel route and so I only have to obey directional signs in order to reach my workplace.  One of the bridges is also for repair that crossing it is a bit dangerous.  One slip of the wheel could cause the car to overturn.  This bridge is scary to cross.  I will be trodding on the same track of way on my way home and right now I am conditioning my mind not to be scared ahead.  I hope to make it later without slipping. I hope too that the bridge in my usual route will be repaired soon or maybe a temporary passage way be made. This could mean less stress on my part in coming to my work station.

Monday, January 5, 2015


Happy New Year everyone, I am back and hoping that I would be back for good in the blogosphere. How I wish this year will fare better for me than the past year in all positive aspects,  Talked to a friend this morning and the idea of teaching online again made sense to me.  Why not? This means I shall have to install my landline telephone bundled with the internet connection.  I will try to earn more this year as my expenses are soaring.  Extra income will supplement my income right now.  Wish, wish, wish.  I hope my wishes come true.


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