Monday, January 19, 2015


The recent Christmas in my city and in other typhoon affected municipalities and towns is not as festive as the previous Christmases that passed. This was mainly because of the recent super typhoon that hit my place and many parts of the region.  But I am so sure that in the next years to come, the Christmas season will be festive because the people will have recovered and restored their houses and their livelihood.  Every house will surely have holiday decors and ornaments hanged inside and outside their houses for Christmas. The Christmas ornaments at christopher radko are a good buy of Christmas decors. A variety of items to choose from can be seen at their website. It can be accessed 24/7.


Pope Francis is now on transit back to Rome.  The Filipinos are still euphoric from having a glimpse and touch of Pope Francis.  Few had a chance to talk and some few were able to kiss and hug the Pope.  The Filipino spirits are truly water and typhoon proof. Despite the heavy rains with gusty winds, the Filipinos weathered them all just to meet the Pope.  He has imparted some words of wisdom that will forever be treasured and remembered by the Filipinos. May the Pope"s visit put end to fights and bickerings that cause trouble and misunderstandings among people in the country.  May your words live on to be lived, Pope Francis!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


The Pope, Pope Francis, will be arriving in my city, Tacloban City,  on January 17.  His visit spell many changes and improvements in the roads of Tacloban City and Palo, Leyte.  Asphalt overlays were made to make sure that the automobile of the Pope will not get stucked on holes. It is one of the benefits I saw with the Pope's coming. Another is hiring of people for clean up and carpentry jobs. The roads have been cleaned up and wood barricades were made to be put in the middle of the roads from Tacloban Airport to Palo, Leyte.  On January 16, the roads will be closed for cars and other forms of vehicles.  The State and church officials are one in the preparations for the coming of the Pope.

Monday, January 12, 2015


It is late at night here but I am still ahead working over my office paperworks.  I would like to be more productive tomorrow, Monday, so I made some paperworks ahead of schedule. I am guilty when I couldn't do much in a day. Everyday I will write down my schedule and should stick to it. Writing my schedule for the next days will help a lot to keep me on track.  Saves me time and lets me finish my tasks early.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Driving has never been this more adventurous.  The way to my work station now takes more time to travel since I am taking another route, not the usual route I used to take.  I am not familiar with the travel route and so I only have to obey directional signs in order to reach my workplace.  One of the bridges is also for repair that crossing it is a bit dangerous.  One slip of the wheel could cause the car to overturn.  This bridge is scary to cross.  I will be trodding on the same track of way on my way home and right now I am conditioning my mind not to be scared ahead.  I hope to make it later without slipping. I hope too that the bridge in my usual route will be repaired soon or maybe a temporary passage way be made. This could mean less stress on my part in coming to my work station.

Monday, January 5, 2015


Happy New Year everyone, I am back and hoping that I would be back for good in the blogosphere. How I wish this year will fare better for me than the past year in all positive aspects,  Talked to a friend this morning and the idea of teaching online again made sense to me.  Why not? This means I shall have to install my landline telephone bundled with the internet connection.  I will try to earn more this year as my expenses are soaring.  Extra income will supplement my income right now.  Wish, wish, wish.  I hope my wishes come true.


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