Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Driving has never been this more adventurous.  The way to my work station now takes more time to travel since I am taking another route, not the usual route I used to take.  I am not familiar with the travel route and so I only have to obey directional signs in order to reach my workplace.  One of the bridges is also for repair that crossing it is a bit dangerous.  One slip of the wheel could cause the car to overturn.  This bridge is scary to cross.  I will be trodding on the same track of way on my way home and right now I am conditioning my mind not to be scared ahead.  I hope to make it later without slipping. I hope too that the bridge in my usual route will be repaired soon or maybe a temporary passage way be made. This could mean less stress on my part in coming to my work station.

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janice johnson said...

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