Thursday, February 26, 2015


Regular car maintenance check-up is a must. I do this religiously on my car at my car dealer service center.  Recent car check-up was February 1st week. It was diagnosed that my car tires need replacement, For a two-year old car I thought it was too early to do it, But car technicians know best. I should buy five new tires, soon.  I need quality tires and I scouted in the car stores in my city but I found none, Hmm, maybe I have to buy it online as it is now the trend. No need for me to personally buy it Manila or Cebu.  Got to do this now to give ample time for delivery.  In times like this, I thank the modern technology for making things easy for me. A simple click of the mouse and voila I am done with my transaction in a short time,

Couponing for People Who Don’t Have Time to Coupon

Think couponing is only for people who have countless hours to clip, snip and shop?  Think again. Couponing can be accessible for anyone by following just a few simple guidelines. Additionally, couponing is just like any other skill, you get better at the more you do it. Here are some simple tips to get you started on your money saving journey.
Stick to a schedule, use only one store
Yes, yes, I know that you can save more if you shop at different places. But that technique is really only for the experienced (not to mention time-rich) couponers. If you’re like the rest of us, you don’t have the time to hit 5 different stores for your groceries on 3 different days. You can still save bucks in a manner that’s a lot more sustainable by narrowing your shopping down to one day and one store.
Use online coupons
There are entire websites (and a lot of them) available for the express purpose of collecting coupons and matching up sales. A simple online search can help you find coupons relevant to your needs, as well as help you find new ways to save! If you want an example, simply visit Discountrue and you'll see how easy to navigate it is and what sort of deals you can find there.
Stop clipping
Seriously, stop. It’s really not necessary, and it’s not a great way to be organized, anyways. You can keep your coupon inserts from the Sunday paper in a file folder (labeled with the date of the newspaper) and take it to the store, just like that! You will need a way to organize your loose coupons, and there are a lot of binders and other organizers on the market that you can use.
Decide where you’d like to save money
Keep the receipts from your non-couponed grocery trips for a month or two, then sit down and look over where you spend your money and where you’d like to save. Part of more efficient grocery shopping is about identifying areas that you are overspending and then looking to see if there are coupons that can help. You won’t be saving money if you find coupons that encourage you to purchase things you weren’t purchasing to begin with. If the bulk of your money gets spent on meat and produce, you’re not likely to find a lot of coupons for those types of items. However you can still learn the sale dates of your grocery store and aim to purchase meat, etc. on those dates only. Additionally, anyone can save on toiletries, paper goods, etc. and that’s the bulk of products that you’ll find coupons for!

The trick to couponing, especially at the beginning, is to make it sustainable. It’s okay if you miss a weekend, it’s okay if you miss a sale. Any money that you save is money saved, no matter if that number is large or small. Creating a sustainable couponing method is the best way to guarantee that you’ll keep it up, which means you’ll get better at it, which means you’ll increase your savings over time!

Sunday, February 15, 2015


I had a valentine experience that i will never forget. This was my dinner experience with a friend in a restaurant at Robinson. The resto was packed with many customers but my friend who came ahead of me managed to find us a seat. We post our food orders of local rice noodles, budbod na turon-a ripe banana wrapped in thin lumpia wrapper and glazed with hersheys and mango puree syrup, and for our drinks we ordered mango shakes. The wait for our food took for more than an hour but we were informed that there was no more mango shake. We, nevertheless ate our food with gusto. After eating, we asked for our bill. We asked from three staffs but it never came until we decided to leave the resto without paying. Not that we are evading the payment of our bill but i am going there today to pay for it.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Tired? Here are some tips for you
Being exhausted, you are missing out on the fun that is taking place around you. At the same time, it is affecting your health, office life, and family time.
Tiredness can be because of a number of reasons.
Let us understand the reasons and know possible solutions for it.

Poor health
This is one of the biggest reasons for tiredness. If you are not taking care of your body, you might feel exhausted at regular intervals during the day.
So, take good care of yourself. If needed, consult a doctor.

Spine issues
There are a number of issues related to your spine and if they are persistently aching, get in touch with a specialist.
Spine issues can be because of a poor mattress too.
However, it is better to ask the specialist to guide you and if the issue is related to the mattress, buy a new one at offers exciting discounts on the purchase of a mattress and related items. So, look for a comfortable mattress and buy it before your back pain makes your life terrible. While purchase it, don’t forget to use 10% Off Sears Coupons because these promo codes can get you the best deals on the site.

Poor eating habits
Well, you are sure that you are eating healthy food items. However, if your eating habits are poor, even healthy food items cannot save the day for you.
So, work on them. There are books written by experts to guide you and help you form good eating habits. You can purchase it online. To get additional discounts on the same, use promo codes. Discounts can be availed by looking into a store’s clearance sale.

Natural Sunlight deficiency
Yes, this is a type of deficiency too because we are forming a habit to stay in our closed office room or rest in our closed bedroom throughout the day. Yes, artificial sources can help you cope up with deficiencies of Vitamin D.
However, natural sunlight is better, and you should make it a point to get into the sun for at least fifteen minutes daily. Getting enough sunlight, you not only increase your Vitamin D levels, but also get rid of a number of other deficiencies.

There are side-effects of being caffeine-overloaded. Yes, caffeine helps us stay awake and improves are efficiency, but nothing in excess is good. A person, who is caffeine-overloaded, will face issues such as dehydration, irritability, and headache.
So, look for substitutes and live a healthier life.
Suggestions: Blueberries, spinach, salmon, oranges, and almonds.

There are times when we confused laziness with tiredness. Laziness is an act we perform to avoid something while tiredness forces us to avoid something because we have drained out our energy and were not in a position to carry out that task.
So, stop being lazy and work when you should work.

Don’t overdo
Well, we all know that our energies are limited. S, it is better to set a limit and work to achieve an achievable goal. This way, we will not burden ourselves with too many things and will be in a position to get back on track with ease.

Poor sleep
Well, what do you do at night? Technically, one should sleep, but we are either fiddling with our smartphones or playing games. Stop doing it!

If you are in your bed, sleep! Even if you are not sleepy, listen to some melodies or random soothing music. Whatever is possible, do it and sleep on time. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


It is February 11 now, Start of fiesta holidays here. Yesterday, it was fiesta in one village, Now, it is fiesta in a barangay or village near my barangay.  Expectedly, there would be traffic jam as many vehicles will surely dominate the narrow roads of V & G subdivision. I don't plan to heed the fiesta invitations of two friends in V & G. I would rather go to my office to finish some unfinished tasks, Going to the fiestas would mean eating more than I need and intake of more calories. I am watching over my diet. I am not getting any younger and my metabolism is getting slower. Fiestas and party invitations expectedly have plenty of food too eat. Diet limits become unlimited in most cases. To avoid, I had better stay away from fiestas and parties.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...