Thursday, February 26, 2015


Regular car maintenance check-up is a must. I do this religiously on my car at my car dealer service center.  Recent car check-up was February 1st week. It was diagnosed that my car tires need replacement, For a two-year old car I thought it was too early to do it, But car technicians know best. I should buy five new tires, soon.  I need quality tires and I scouted in the car stores in my city but I found none, Hmm, maybe I have to buy it online as it is now the trend. No need for me to personally buy it Manila or Cebu.  Got to do this now to give ample time for delivery.  In times like this, I thank the modern technology for making things easy for me. A simple click of the mouse and voila I am done with my transaction in a short time,

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