Sunday, March 15, 2015


Ever had this bad experience with Cebu Pacific Airlines? Last December i purchased online, using my credit card, airline tickets for Manila. As typhoon Ruby was looming to make a landfall on the day where we will be in Manila, i cancelled the trip for all three of us, two other are my officemates, on that scheduled trip. With the cancellation made online, out of the over forty thousand pesos total cost of the fare, eight thousand pesos was deducted as cancellation fee. The remaining amount after deducting the 8thousand cancellation fee was made as travel fund.  This travel fund expires in ninety days.  How ridiculous, it is. When i recently used my travel fund for a trip to manila, an amount of one thousand six hundred eighty was charged for name change fee. This is more ridiculous. How could it charge me for name change fee when i was the one traveling?This i personally complained to the cebu pacific office and it is such a hassle to do it as it would take about two hours for them to finally settle with an answer that the amount for name change fee will be given back to me as travel fund. Whew, i would never like to travel again with cebu pacific nor recommend future group bookings with this airline.To me, its system socks.