Saturday, May 30, 2015


Summertime is a time to enroll my kids in music lessons. It is a time to while their time. My sons are into enhancing their musical skills. For my elder it is playing the organ while for the younger it is playing the drums. My eldest daughter, who is now a police officer, has stopped her acoustic guitar lessons. In fairness, she plays and sings through acoustic guitar almost real and identical as the original guitarist and singer she mimics. She has improved a lot through constant practice. The acoustic guitar I bought for her is worth the money I paid for it. My elder son is now also practicing playing guitar. Constant practice with his friends and before the guitar lessons in the internet will make him like a pro guitarist. I hope my younger son will follow suit. When my kids get experts in their musical instruments, I can be their singer. I am lucky to have a family of music lovers.

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