Saturday, May 30, 2015


It has been a long while since I got here in my site again. Internet connection hampers me to do the posting. I am using my pocket wifi only and most of the time it is not having a fast connectivity.

Well, what I like to blog here now is about my birthday celebration. It was a special and touching celebration away from home. I was at a Cebu City hotel in a 5-day live-in seminar as one of the resource speakers with heads of municipal departments as participants. After dinner, a "socials" party followed. There was a videoke instrument and so I sang a song. After my song, the surprise part followed. It turned out to be a party celebration for me. Lights turned off, a jolly birthday song played in the room and the elective officials came to the center space of the room with a candle lighted birthday cake.  Everybody was singing a birthday song and so I stood up, headed to the center, made a birthday wish, blow the birthday cake and accepted it. I felt ecstatic on that moment. Never had I celebrated my debut party. I felt the feeling of having a debut party that time. I heartily thanked everyone for making my day. It was my first to experience a surprise birthday party.

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