Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Until I went home in the late afternoon from office today, I was still thinking about the auditors from an international non-government organization who came for an audit of the funds it had downloaded to the local government unit I am presently assigned.  They were six looking odd and emotionless and unfriendly fellows. During the initial interaction with them, they projected an aloof attitude and it remained that way until the closing of office hours today.

They have occupied my office space and so I gave way and shared space in the office next to mine for the whole day.  The morning was hot and humid inside my office as the airconditioner was not allowed to be used yet while the electrician was fixing the damaged power meter.  The airconditioner was only made available in the afternoon and so I went inside my office to tell them they can already switch on the circuit breaker and the airconditioning unit. To my frustration, not one ever talked to me, to say thank you at least. I find them strange and weird. Why can't they ever appear friendly? If its a protocol to them to remain aloof to their clients so they won't be a bit influenced on their audit, why they can still achieve this aim without appearing like robots. I still believe that smooth interpersonal relations matters a lot in any field of work. I stress this importance especially when strangers in a place and when resources in that area are being used, such as my office. I hope to find them already wearing a slight smile, at the least, on their faces tomorrow.

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