Sunday, July 12, 2015


Me and my siblings are such musically inclined people.  I owe it from my father's genetics. My father used to spend time during Sundays at the house of a cousin who has a band.  He sings while his cousins play the instruments where they are pro. As a little girl then, it was my dream to acquire all musical instruments and create my own band.  However, it did not materialize until now.  Anyway, I remember this mandolin being played by my blind uncle.  He was amazingly playing the mandolin perfectly that he could even beat anyone who could see. He can replace the mandolin bridge with accuracy and speed.  I love the sound of mandolins.  I have this mandolin way back in my high school days and it was given to my blind uncle when he transferred and lived in another city. I have not heard a word about him since then but I am pretty sure that he still play a lot of musical instruments until now.

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Lee said...

Hi Imelda, how you doin'? Love this posting....and yes, for us from another is a well known fact most people in the Philippines are musically inclined.
Either they play a musical instrument, guitar, mandolin, piano or violin...
Or they sing.

Glad to read your family loves music....and you too.
I have many friends, but it is Filipino friends who play pianos or guitars or sing..others maybe the odd one or two.
And talking about that, the song 'Dahil sayo' has always been my all time favourite song, as well a song even sung by top International singers like Nat King Cole, Julio Inglesias.
I always joke if a Filipino cannot sing or play an musical instrument, he or she not a Filipino, ha ha.

You have a fun weekend and keep a song in your heart.
Really nice to be in touch with you again...I missed you too.
Best regards,


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