Saturday, August 15, 2015


Exercise Your Brain

How many times have you walked into a room and forgotten why you headed there in the first place? Or met someone and forgotten their name within the first 15 minutes of talking to them? Maybe you’re one of those people who have to constantly refer back to past notes in lectures and presentations because you struggle to retain what you’ve heard a hundred times before. I am guilty of all of the above, in fact my family jokes that if it weren’t for the fact that my alarm is programmed to say ‘Name, it’s time to wake up’ I would forget my own name!
Fortunately I’m not the only scatterbrained ditz in the world so there are a load of solutions and techniques designed to improve my memory and get my brain to optimum operating levels!
Exercise body and mind
Everybody knows that exercise is good for keeping your body fit and healthy. But they may not know that there are studies that say a single 15 minute exercise session improves your memory and cognitive functions! But I’m not just talking about physical exercise here. There are a ton of online resources for activities and exercises that are designed to train your brain and improve not only how much you remember, but how quickly you read, learn and react to a variety of stimuli.

Repetition is key
When you are trying to learn something new then the best way to go about it is by repetition. When you’re learning about something new but you’re struggling to keep all the facts straight head online and find everything you can on that topic, including videos, articles and images. Most people have their own way of presenting facts and there are a hundred different ways to say the same thing, but by absorbing the same set of information in a multitude of ways your brain doesn’t get bored and stays engaged.

Learn new things
While you may be passionate about one particular thing your brain starts getting bored if you just keep doing the same activities and talking about the same things with the same people all the time. You could think of your brain as a young child that needs to be kept entertained everyday of your life. While they are perfectly happy to play with their action figures for hours, they will eventually get bored and then you better have something else to keep them occupied for a few more hours. So learn a new language, master a new game, learn a new dance, or teach yourself a new craft. Just keep your brain entertained! And when you need supplies for your new hobbies don't forget to look for profitable coupons and promo codes for, which will help you get huge reductions on all your shopping.

Use brain training apps and resources
There are literally hundreds of online sources and apps that have brain training programs. And many of them have been developed using clinically proven methods and techniques. Someone else has done all the hard work of creating a program that actually does what it says and improves your memory or how fast you think, so why waste effort trying to figure it out on your own!

Eat chocolate (and other good foods!)
Now this tip is actually my favorite because I will use any excuse to eat chocolate, in fact I’ll eat through you to get to it! But there are a number of scientifically proven benefits to eating dark chocolate that make eating it more than just a guilty pleasure. When you eat chocolate your brain produces dopamine. And dopamine has the amazing side effect of helping you to learn faster and improve your memory. Plus it has flavonols and natural antioxidants that are also great for keeping your brain fit and healthy.
So what are you waiting for? Don’t just sit here reading this article, head out and start flexing your cerebral muscle!


The Philippines is noted to have the lowest financial literacy rate among Southeast Asian countries, says in the national tv news. I so much agree. I could feel this prior to knowing the country's official standing as far as knowledge about inflation and uncertain economic prospects is concerned across the Asia Pacific countries. As a financial advisor of Sunlife of Canada here in the Philippines, I have witnessed in some of my clients the poor grasp on the basic concepts of financial planning and planning for the future.  Most people I talked to leave the future of their retirement years to chance.  Worst, most of them are not bent on securing their physical well-being and their financial wellness. I told myself that I should gear up for a massive work ahead, with or without financial gains. I am proud to be part of the people I converted from being carefree to being able to stand for a cause for themselves and for their families. I am proud to have known Sunlife. I also know that I should continue my mission in educating my fellowmen for their financial freedom.

Friday, August 7, 2015


Musicians always fascinate me. I am awestruck all the time when I see and meet people who are. It is why I always encourage my children to improve their learned craft in music. As a child, I always think it is possible to learn playing musical instruments. My uncle who was blind since birth was a pro in all musical instruments he had. He always fascinates me and he was my inspiration all the time. He even was the trusted resource person of family friends who wanted to buy musical instruments. They would let him come with them in shopping. His ears were maybe just magical to hear the quality sound of instruments. I am pretty sure he would recommend the musical instruments at When buying musical instruments, one should not compromise the quality and the cost. Why not try it here?


Driving a car is not an easy task. A driver should be very responsible in all aspects. It is very important that he knows the traffic laws and rules. Before heading on to drive, the car should be ensured that it is of good condition, among others, check that brakes and tires, water, and oil levels are good. These are essential check-ups to be done regularly. High risks are always posed to the driver and to other people when one is driving. To mitigate these risks, the previous things cited here should be considered. And, on the part of the driver, he is risking himself of state violation if he is not properly equipped with driver's license. For one who is issued with a student permit driver's license, must not drive without a companion who possesses a professional or non-professional driver's license. Never rely on memory, as this most of the time fails, nor  just ignore checking the expiry date of the driver's license. This is a very big infraction to the State and it could bring one into financial trouble once caught in an accident or just caught by the Police upon inspection. These are friendly reminders for drivers. And funny, because my driver's license has since expired last year during my birthday without me knowing it till yesterday. It caused me panic. Now, I shall cancel previous appointments for the day as I have to renew  my driver's license at the licensing office.


Cooking skill is very important for mothers. That is, even if house helpers are around. There is that thing called "ingredient of love " among moms who cook. But of course, moms should see to it that the kitchen is immaculately cleaned and well organized.  Well, speaking abut the latter, the use of 48" Drawer slides are proven to give the kitchen a clutter-free look. To those who are yet to make a design of their kitchen, and to those who would like to get an idea on how to refurbish their existing kitchen, it is worthwhile to click this link. It would look ravishing for the kitchen if it were to be designed this way

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I only know a few Hollywood celebrities and one of them is Chris Brown. I used to keep abreast on news about him and Rihanna when they were still sweethearts. However, when news broke out about violence committed against Rihanna, I stopped minding about their affair. Recently, Chris Brown was in the Philippines for a concert. Last July 21  of this year he performed at the MOA Arena in Manila in front of many audiences.  When he was about to leave the Philippines on July 22 for Hongkong  he was stopped by government authorities due to a complain filed by the promoters of his supposedly show scheduled in New Year's eve last year and where Chris Brown made a no show. The promoters demand the return of their money through court.

I wish Chris Brown will trod the path to righteousness. He should be careful next time in making commitments without ensuring that all aspects related to concerts are settled, especially, payments. He must have learned a lesson and made discernment and reflection during his detainment at the airport for a few days. For whatever, it is, I only wish him well.


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