Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I only know a few Hollywood celebrities and one of them is Chris Brown. I used to keep abreast on news about him and Rihanna when they were still sweethearts. However, when news broke out about violence committed against Rihanna, I stopped minding about their affair. Recently, Chris Brown was in the Philippines for a concert. Last July 21  of this year he performed at the MOA Arena in Manila in front of many audiences.  When he was about to leave the Philippines on July 22 for Hongkong  he was stopped by government authorities due to a complain filed by the promoters of his supposedly show scheduled in New Year's eve last year and where Chris Brown made a no show. The promoters demand the return of their money through court.

I wish Chris Brown will trod the path to righteousness. He should be careful next time in making commitments without ensuring that all aspects related to concerts are settled, especially, payments. He must have learned a lesson and made discernment and reflection during his detainment at the airport for a few days. For whatever, it is, I only wish him well.

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