Friday, August 7, 2015


Driving a car is not an easy task. A driver should be very responsible in all aspects. It is very important that he knows the traffic laws and rules. Before heading on to drive, the car should be ensured that it is of good condition, among others, check that brakes and tires, water, and oil levels are good. These are essential check-ups to be done regularly. High risks are always posed to the driver and to other people when one is driving. To mitigate these risks, the previous things cited here should be considered. And, on the part of the driver, he is risking himself of state violation if he is not properly equipped with driver's license. For one who is issued with a student permit driver's license, must not drive without a companion who possesses a professional or non-professional driver's license. Never rely on memory, as this most of the time fails, nor  just ignore checking the expiry date of the driver's license. This is a very big infraction to the State and it could bring one into financial trouble once caught in an accident or just caught by the Police upon inspection. These are friendly reminders for drivers. And funny, because my driver's license has since expired last year during my birthday without me knowing it till yesterday. It caused me panic. Now, I shall cancel previous appointments for the day as I have to renew  my driver's license at the licensing office.

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Prettymom said...

Hala! I hope you did not drive with expired drivers license.


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