Saturday, August 15, 2015


The Philippines is noted to have the lowest financial literacy rate among Southeast Asian countries, says in the national tv news. I so much agree. I could feel this prior to knowing the country's official standing as far as knowledge about inflation and uncertain economic prospects is concerned across the Asia Pacific countries. As a financial advisor of Sunlife of Canada here in the Philippines, I have witnessed in some of my clients the poor grasp on the basic concepts of financial planning and planning for the future.  Most people I talked to leave the future of their retirement years to chance.  Worst, most of them are not bent on securing their physical well-being and their financial wellness. I told myself that I should gear up for a massive work ahead, with or without financial gains. I am proud to be part of the people I converted from being carefree to being able to stand for a cause for themselves and for their families. I am proud to have known Sunlife. I also know that I should continue my mission in educating my fellowmen for their financial freedom.

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