Friday, August 7, 2015


Musicians always fascinate me. I am awestruck all the time when I see and meet people who are. It is why I always encourage my children to improve their learned craft in music. As a child, I always think it is possible to learn playing musical instruments. My uncle who was blind since birth was a pro in all musical instruments he had. He always fascinates me and he was my inspiration all the time. He even was the trusted resource person of family friends who wanted to buy musical instruments. They would let him come with them in shopping. His ears were maybe just magical to hear the quality sound of instruments. I am pretty sure he would recommend the musical instruments at When buying musical instruments, one should not compromise the quality and the cost. Why not try it here?

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Lee said...

Hi Imelda, I have always love the piano, and people who play the piano. When I was thinking of settling down, one of my prerequisites of a wife that she be able to play the piano. Nope, my wife doesn't play the piano, but loves to sing, sings very well too. Fair enough, ha ha.
Wow your uncle really a gifted man....

In a way, everyone knows that Filipinos are for the most part musically inclined, more than other races.
And that Dahil Sayo even today is mentioned as one of the most beautiful songs ever composed.
Ingat ke palagi.


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