Saturday, November 7, 2015


The week ahead will be so busy for me. Two days that I would be attending a seminar and that would mean more sitting than moving around all day long listening to lectures and doing the assigned workshops.  This is not healthy for me because aside from the lack of moving about and lack of stretching of extremities, there is the abundance of food, in contrast. This has always been the case during seminars and trainings, fattening. The temptation to eat is high and risk of indulgence is most likely to happen. I know this can be remedied by shedding off of added calories, but nowadays the weather does not cooperate. It has been inclement for weeks now. I pray the weather would be fine next week for comfortable jogging.

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Lee said...

Hello Imelda, how you doin'? I can understand your apprehension re these sometimes boring seminars. What you can do is try stretching your legs now and then. It'll help.
And re eating 'fattening foods'...why not bring a bottle of Chinese Green tea...if you like it warm, bring it in a thermos flask.

Green tea will really help after each meal to take away the oils or oily well helps keep you slim. Try it! It works. Drink 3 to 5 cups a day.
Or you can get that Japanese green tea 'Sen cha'...its nice.
Have fun and keep a song in your heart.
Ingat ke pelagi.
Ps, if free drop by...standby a glass of iced water!


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