Saturday, December 26, 2015


Merry Christmas everyone! Hoping that my friends are enjoying this holiday together with their friends and family.  Mine was celebrated with my family and immediate relatives to a resort in Ormoc City, my family's getaway. I am referring to Sabin Resort Hotel in Ormoc City. We went there yesterday and stayed overnight. The children enjoyed swimming in the pool and only got out for dinner. Dinner was held at our favorite barbecue grill center by the downtown area of Ormoc. It was always a long table for us as my headcount totalled to 21. Everyone loved chicken and pork barbecue. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and continued to dip in the pool until 9:30, pm. The music coming from the live band was entertaining as we swim in the pool.

Fortunately, every Fridays there is ballroom dancing in the hotel with the live band and stereo music alternately playing. I had the chance to dance cha cha, swing and tango with a dance instructor who was the best dance instructor I have ever met. He danced more gracefully than I do. He is a gay dance instructor. I got his contact number just in case I would need his services in future social functions held in Ormoc City.

It was a nice family bonding. Christmas was made more meaningful for my family because of family gatherings and getaway. I just hope that future Christmases will again be celebrated together with my immediate relatives as well as with their children.

Monday, December 7, 2015


Still have a lot of things to do despite the year's ending. I thought all along that I could enjoy my five day's forced leave but it seems I can not because of the lined up activities that are essential to be completed before the year ends. I am enjoying the work but I can not help worry  about my extra job which also needs performance results. I shall doubly work in order to produce the desired results expected of me. Wth focus and composure I am sure to accomplish my goals.


This coming Christmas season, the traditional house to house christmas carolling is still in among children and adults. Mostly, the adult carolers would come with a guitar and maracas. The children would sing acapella and most of the times an adept listener could hear the lyrics being minced and interchanged which however make them cute just the same. There was once a group of carolers who came by our house with a formal letter in advance that they would come on such a date and time for carolling. It was the best carolling I ever heard because they exemplify a combination of good music and good voices. The guitar they were using was sounding that beautiful sound of a musicians friend telecaster and I proved myself true when I asked one of them, later. I happily gave a big amount as they inspire me with their good music. Best voices should be complemented with a choice of best musical instrument such as this musician's friend telecaster.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...