Monday, December 7, 2015


This coming Christmas season, the traditional house to house christmas carolling is still in among children and adults. Mostly, the adult carolers would come with a guitar and maracas. The children would sing acapella and most of the times an adept listener could hear the lyrics being minced and interchanged which however make them cute just the same. There was once a group of carolers who came by our house with a formal letter in advance that they would come on such a date and time for carolling. It was the best carolling I ever heard because they exemplify a combination of good music and good voices. The guitar they were using was sounding that beautiful sound of a musicians friend telecaster and I proved myself true when I asked one of them, later. I happily gave a big amount as they inspire me with their good music. Best voices should be complemented with a choice of best musical instrument such as this musician's friend telecaster.

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