Monday, December 26, 2016


Merry Christmas, everyone! As we continue to relish the goodies, decorate every nook and corner of our home, and enjoy the get togetherness, may the joy and festivities continue to radiate in our lives, long after Christmas Day is gone. Take care of your health, everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2016


My daughter gave us a Christmas treat, today. I and her other siblings enjoyed shopping in the mall. Amid many shoppers and long queue at the cashiering section, we bought what we wanted to buy for ourselves. Every year she gets us to a shopping spree. She spends for what we buy. She sets aside her own wants, this time, I knew she wanted to buy a new guitar for Christmas but she just postponed it for next week. Well, if I were to accompany her in buying the guitar, I sure would choose the one with purple guitar strings.  It will look so attractive and not boring.


The month of December approached so fast and it seems to pass by so swift. I happen to attend my first Christmas party this year and it was in my Office. As a choir member, I was honored to sing during the visit of the big wig of my Office, no other than the DILG Secretary, Ismael D. Sueno. It was exciting to sing.It was not a contest this time so there was no hassle, at all. An activity during the day made us exhausted that in the Christmas Party at night we retreated to our Office, changed attire and made ourselves comfortable in the company of co-tired officemates. Spot me in this picture. Clueless?I am the one in green.

Friday, November 25, 2016


It is Christmas time once again. Children are excited because they would be receiving gift, attending parties, help decorating their houses of Christmas tinsels, hear Christmas carols and they thmselves sing Christmas songs. My children, for one, are excited. My daughter will be buying a new guitar from her Christmas bonus. I wish it was a kurt cobain signature guitar. It sure would be sounding great than the old guitar we have at home.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


My last post here was dated September 27. How time flies, it seems it was only last week. Anyway, I am writing to say I miss my blog friends and I miss visiting their sites. One of these days when I am not so busy I am going to blog visit once again. For now, I am saying hi and hello and happy weekend to everyone.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I browsed through my pictures here in my laptop. Got this one for posting. This was taken in Albuera, Leyte, in a local government owned and managed mountain resort. During that time, the resort still had the zipline as one of their adventure experience. The super typhoon Yolanda damaged this zipline and I heard the resort did not restore it yet. The serenity of the place and the panoramic view of the mountains are plus factors of the location of the resort. I hope to be back one day in this resort.

Monday, September 26, 2016


Every October there is a celebration in cities dubbed as "Octoberfest". What I remember of this feast is that there is a line up of events for 16 days to celebrate the month. One activity I attended was a contest of the local wines where I was once one of the board of judges. I had to judge the local wines as to taste, packaging, and promotion. It was sort of a challenge tasting the local wines which have little alcohol content. After the judging, I felt tipsy. A party was held after that with a live band, a special party when it is played with a live band. What with the guitar, saxophone, keyboard, drums and bass the partygoers could not resist dancing including me who was already tipsy. From wines to dancing, Octoberfest is what really it is. Musical bands are in during October. Hence, for musical instruments, interested people can Check Out MF's bass trombone Selection to choose for the best value of their money.


Last month, I had the chance to travel to the province of Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. It was my first to Ilocos Sur  and my second time to travel to Ilocos Norte. The recent one was very memorable.  It was full of fun and excitement. The long ride which took about ten hours to get to Ilocos Norte was very relaxing on a tourist bus from the Manila Airport. In Ilocos Norte, I had the chance to see the famous wind mills, the visit to the residence of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, unfortunately, I was not able to enter the museum as it was close for the preparation of his supposed burial. The taste of the famous empanada, a taste that is very different from the empanada in my city, was also an experience. The exciting part of the trip in Ilocos Norte was the 4 x 4jeep ride in the sand dunes of Ilocos Norte. It was an exhilarating adventure to ride in the 4 x 4 jeep climbing up the steep ridge and gliding down the road towards the sea. The very wide desert was so amazing, it was my first to trod my feet on it. I felt like being in the desert of Arizona and or in Dubai.

The trip to Ilocos Sur was also a very memorable one.  I met and chat with the very young City Mayor of Vigan, Mayor Carlo Singson Medina. I was interviewed by the local tv media as to my group's purpose in visiting the City of Vigan. The city is very rich in cultural heritage as visible seen in all the buildings that are constructed with the same architectural design. The calesa ride to the old houses in Vigan City was a hit back, a ride that makes one think back of the past during the time of the late Philippine hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. I wished to have walked on foot on this place during the night but maybe next time.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

PRS Guitars

Nobody did notice at home that our guitar is missing. Had it not been during the power brown out that recently happened at night, we would have discovered this loss. During power brown outs it has been our habit to sing together as a family with my daughter accompanying the guitar. She is very good in acoustic guitars. Brown outs gather together my children at the living room out of no choice especially when their electronic gadgets ran out of battery life. No one household member knows who borrowed the guitar or whoever got it so I think I have to buy a new one, a better one like the PRS Guitars that are available now in stores. The quality of PRS guitars is good that I am sure to have the best value of my money. I had to make sure this time that it does not get lost without anybody noticing it.


Smoking in public places is really a no-no. The attention of people who smoke in public should be caught immediately in order to educate them, for first-time offenders about its prohibition and or to retool them if these smokers in public places are second time offenders. The active smokers like them need to be educated that passive smokers, like me and other people who don't smoke, are posed with health risks by their indiscriminate smoking. The law that prohibits smoking in public places must be enforced strictly that all people who smoke may have their proper place to spew their smoke into. The law enforcers are seemingly lax on enforcing the arrest of flagrant violators. Ordinary people who sometimes have the guts to call the attention of these active smokers, most often than not, get retorted by philosophical answers of these smokers. The government has put up proper labels in cigarette packs showing the pictures on the ill effects of cigarette smoking, increased the tax on cigarettes but these are not enough motivators to stop or smoke in moderation. Enforcement of the law prohibiting smoking in public places should be totally banned and to punish the offenders every time they are caught violating the law.

Thursday, June 30, 2016


My child is going back to school. She stopped her piano lessons for now as she has to focus on her studies. But she can never be stopped in practicing her voice lessons. Together with my sons, we do videoke sing along even in the early morning. It is fun because we are already a complete choir. I am soprano, my daughter is alto, my younger son is base and the elder is baritone. He sometimes does tenor but he most of the time prefers the baritone. Whenever my daughter plays the guitar for him, she finds it difficult to do the guitar accompaniment. For sure, if we have a baritone instrument, my daughter will learn to play it for him or maybe he learns to play the baritone himself.

Monday, June 20, 2016


What a neglect! Geez, I have practically been missing my blog the past month. I have been so much busy in the Office and in my personal activities. Whenever I open my laptop I rarely have much time to open other browsers or applications except to check my emails and do my Office paper works.  Twenty-four hours is never enough for all my paper works but I don't tolerate working overtime because of my body's health. I don't like to get sick so easily because of fatigue and lack ok sleep. I take the time to sleep at night until morning for at least 6 hours because it is my luxury.  Health is wealth. Getting sick nowadays s very expensive. Working shall have its own time like sleep. It is what I have set now for myself. I have finally made a schedule for my blogging. This time around my blogging will be frequent.

Monday, May 9, 2016


The election day in the Philippines for national and local candidates falls today. This is the day to put into writing the decision of every individual on whom to install as leaders of the Philippines, at the national and at the local levels. The political surveys have shown the voice of the people, chosen at random, revealing majority percentage of votes to a trash-talking presidentiable. If the elections were based on this political survey, then this trash-talking presidentiable would have been declared the winner as majority percentage of votes are in his favor. But, then the individual electorates actually casting their votes will be the final judge. For whatever the results maybe, in the end, the people shall have to respect it. The losing candidates shall have to concede.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I am happy to hear about the success of other people. I have friends who have passed the 2015 Bar Licensure Examinations. This examination is one of the prestigious professional licensure exam to students who graduate in the Bachelor of Laws in the Philippines. I know three people as of now who passed: two are my officemates and one is a friend-client of mine as a financial advisor. They passed the bar exams that is traditionally and mandated by law to be held once every year. The examinable subjects are: Political Law and Public International Law, Labor and Social Legislation, Civil Law, Taxation, Mercantile Law, Criminal Law, Remedial law and Legal and Judicial Ethics.  This year, the passing rate is at least 75% average grade. Out of 6,608 takers the passers totalled to 1,731 or 26.21% of takers hurdled the exam. I salute my friends and all others who passed this exam. 

Friday, April 29, 2016


This is the scenic and mystical view of Lake Danao. It is a vast and guitar-shaped lake that covers 148 hectares expanse and is 650 meters or 2,130 feet above sea level. Lake Danao is located 18 kilometers northeast of Ormoc City. It is approximately 87 kilometers from Tacloban City. From Ormoc City, it is half an hour drive from San Pablo-Tongonan-Lake Danao Road. From Tacloban City, it is two hours drive. Lake Danao is an all-year round family or tourist destination but it is best to go there during summer time. The place is cool because of its high altitude.

One can explore eating the exotic foods of the place. The small stores nearby also offer food which can be ordered and delivered still steaming hot on the time the customers choose. Try the shell adobo, shell sisig, chili fried shell, and fern salad. If you are hungry these foods will be very palatable to your taste. The number of floating cottages that could accomodate up to fifteen people is limited to a certain number as it is regulated for environmental reasons. Nipa thatch-made cottages are also available on the sides of the lake for a reasonable fee. The entrance fee to Lake Danao is only Php20.00 when we went there last summer of 2015.

It is very enjoyable to kayak and or indulge in paddled boat riding in Lake Danao. The place is so serene one can only hear the sound of birds chirping and howling and the sound of the water gushing down from Lake Danao to its nearby municipalities in Burauen and Albuera and to wherever I don't know of.  


I am in a happy mode. Know why? My son fixed the header of this site of mine and I love its looks. The header now looks bubbly. Thanks for his knowledge on web development. Not that he has studied information technology, but he is such a web explorer. I am amazed at how fast he learns the instructions in the web. As a computer wizard though, he rarely gives me the benefit of his patience. He is short of patience whenever I can't follow his instructions on how to use the computer. Well, now I am thankful that he taught me how to put the image on the header. I am confident I can do it next time I change the header of this site.


I admire people with music talents that are put to good use. I am referring to the keyboard tutor of my daughter. He is barely twenty years old but he is so adept in keyboard and several other musical instruments. He is nice as a person and as a tutor, he can strategically devise a way that easily makes the student he is tutoring learn the musical chords fast. He is already making money out of this talent. Aside from the keyboard, he currently teaches drum and guitar to several students. He does not collect excessive fees, too. I wish my daughter and sons could be like him, too.

Saturday, April 23, 2016


It is summer time once again. I was wanting to have all my kids enroll for a tutorial program on keyboard and guitar. My boys had no time for it so it was just my girl who was enrolled. She enrolled in keyboard lessons. I had to buy her a new keyboard for it. The tutor was suggesting that I let her learn to play the guitar, too. I declined because of the fact that she still had to develop the dexterity and strength of her fingers. Lately, I came to know that there is a way to develop the strength of the fingers to prepare the fingers for guitar plucking. It is called a gripmaster and it is recommended by many guitar players all over the world.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


May the world be at peace. Local and national elections are bringing divisiveness and disorder to a particular community. In my city alone, many people who were once close friends are now enemies. The reason, support of a particular candidate. I wish this electoral exercise could be over so the country can start all over again, the people already at peace with each other and accusations and administrative charges stopped.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Shopping is generally fun and exciting. But, not when queueing and waiting for the right size or color being wanted. Or queueing in at the cashier section to pay. One never likes to be messed up in such a ridiculous and tormenting situation but when there is nothing left to do but queue and wait, patience is left to be tested and coping is the best thing to do. However, one does not need to be in such a situation when there are ways to avoid queueing and getting stressed. Why not shop online and get those CozyWinters get up that you might have been looking for or maybe just anything that could be available online. The list of items could be viewed and just by looking, one can already decide on what to buy. It is simple and easy. Go online, search for cozy winters get up and other needs and shop till you drop.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


My children were asking why this day is called Black Saturday. I asked the same question to my parents when I was a child. My parents would tell me it is a day to be sad and pathetic because Jesus Christ is dead. My mother used to cover the mirror with black cloth, we were not allowed to take a bath from Friday of 3pm until Sunday of 3pm and it was not allowed to turn on nor listen to the radio. If we had a television set that time, maybe it was not allowed to open it, too. We were told to only be praying and asking for repentance of our sins, all because Jesus Christ was dead. It is called Black Saturday because black is the colour of death and of mourning. Mourning for the death of Jesus Christ who still lies in his tomb from his death on a Good Friday until his resurrection on Easter Sunday. Today, the traditions of covering the mirror with a black cloth, of not taking a bath on a Black Saturday and of not turning on to listen to the radio are not anymore being practiced. Few and few people indulge in praying. It is a fact that there is eroding in traditions as a product of modernization. And these traditions, were to me what makes Saturday before a Holy Saturday.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


It is summertime once again. My children will have their school break a week from now. As always, during summer break, I usually enroll my schooling children to music lessons. Last year, it was a voice tutorial lesson. This time, I am enrolling them in guitar lessons, and not just guitar lessons but electric guitar lessons. They will be acquainted for sure with the ec500 electric guitar with emg pickups. I would be so glad to hear them show off their newly acquired skill during the recital. I will buy one electric guitar for my boys for their electric guitar lessons.


Too bad I came home late from the mall from shopping for the week's grocery items. I missed the 2nd round of presidential debate in Cebu City. This debate lost much time to the effects of miscommunication to one of the candidates that was a big glitch from the host tv station, the TV5. After a one hour delay, the debate started. My praises for my presidential candidate for being a principled person. I would like to see my candidate to be the winner in the upcoming elections. I have apprehensions, though, that this election might be one that is wrapped with fraud. But, I only hope that goodness will prevail in the end.

Friday, February 12, 2016


When I had my house refurbishing, I ensured that my kitchen get that tidy and clutter free appearance. The plates, glasses, and other kitchen utensils are placed in shelves and organizers. The organizers inside the shelves were made to be pulled out with less effort. Getting and putting back the plates and other kitchen utensils are made easy by simply pulling out the organizers which were installed using sliding rulers. My regrets that I was not able to plan out for a sliding door in my kitchen. But, soon I will be able to fulfill this plan when I have my house repair. I do not know how this is done but I read about this sliding door gear for apartments that I can recommend to my foreman. My house repair will start after the house blueprint shall have been finished by the one I commissioned to do it.


Last weekend I had fever and flu. It started with a sore throat and body aches. Good thing my home remedies were effective. I was able to attend the out of town conference in Subic. My home remedies were: 
1. Plenty of fluid intake.
2. Whole day rest.
3. Hot chicken soup.
4. Nasal decongestion by inhaling hot vapor from boiling water.
5. Took paracetamol.

After two days, I was up and about again.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


By heart,  I am a music-minded person and so are my children. Way back when my family's  budget was tight I settle for the cheap and the not so quality stereo system. It was better than nothing. I did not know much then about quality stereo systems. I gained more experience about it when I joined the choir group in my Office. I listen to how our music operator would converse to his friend officemates about the quality sound of stereo systems. I came to know that an adam audio is a quality studio monitor speaker that delivers quality audio from a compact design. For a quality-conscious user why not look this up.


The movie marathon I have planned for today did not materialize. I had four new DVD family movies to watch but the power outage constrained my family's enjoyment. It costs me less to watch movies at home. We get the same movie experience like the display and sensurround for sound effects at home. I simply hook in my LCD (liquid crystal display) projector to a laptop, connect the jack from my laptop to the music mixer and speaker for the audio and voila, we are in for comfy movie entertainment.  We can watch a series of movies, pause whenever we want for a break and repeat the movie all over when we want to. The whole family stays and watch together. This is what I always look forward to during weekends. I hope there will be no more power outage during weekends.


Every year there are always parties to plan about. What with all birthday celebrations, excluding mine because I am not planning to hold a special celebration for me this year, planning ahead will smoothen out every detail and ease away all creases and jitters during the day of celebration. It would not look well if what I have in mind, of holding only one celebration for all my children's' birthdays, will be followed. My children do not conform so I won't bother thinking about it. It pays to plan ahead so as early as now I already have the checklist of things to do. I do this so I could prepare the amount of money I should need for each birthday celebration. In this year's birthday celebrations, the venue will just be at home. This gives me more leeways on food, decors and exciting stuff preparations for less money than holding it in a rented venue. I find it challenging also to transform the house space for the birthday reception into an elegant and cozy party area. I can do this by simply choosing the right linens, flowers and the interplay of the linen colors with the light. Picking the quality linen fabrics, table runners, tablecloths, table skirting, chair covers and sash is very essential. My standard of home party linens is similar to that of custom linen rentals Quality linen and fabrics for tables and chairs are found here. Tablecloths and table linens are for rent and or for sale in this site. For me, I do not like to buy new tablecloths and linens as the storage after the party is a problem.  I would rather rent so I can always pick the fresh and good looking linens and tablecloth. The internet is a rich source of ideas and concepts for party decors and arrangements so from food to physical arrangements and other stuffs the parties I will be planning will surely go best.


What do you do in case of a thirteen-hour power outage on a Sunday like today? This was a pre-announced power outage so I had preparedness activities done. Last night, I have fully charged the electric fans, the flashlights, laptops and cellphones and mosquito swat. I have prepared the candles and anti-mosquito lotion, too. The power outage was announced to be from 6am to 6pm but it did not get back until 7:30pm. The longer I wait the more I became anxious. The electric fan was good only for three hours so the rest of the time I did some manual fanning.  The laptops power went off so fast. The flashlights illuminated all the parts of the house. The mosquito swat did a perfect mosquito killing performance. The mosquito lotion repelled the pesky mosquitoes in my skin.  The whole time from 5:30 pm to 7:30pm I was killing the mosquitoes inside the house with the mosquito swat. The pesky mosquitoes thrive in a hot and humid evening but not with my mosquito swat. They puff to death when hit by the swat. It was a relief when finally the power outage got over and it was time to eat a sumptuous dinner served hot. This power outage reminds me to contact the generator set technician to troubleshoot the problem of its malfunction so that next time the power outage happen, we will still have the convenience of using our house utilities for comfy living.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


It is amazing that many people are more talented than the others. Some are born musicians. Some are made. My uncle who was born blind was a born musician. He can play any instrument without much effort. Maybe it is in my family's genes to be musicians only that some of my kins lack the practice and effort to excel in this craft. Like for my two sons, how I wish they could both play the marimba as there are only very few people who know how to play marimba. They could be distinct and unique from their peers. I would have invested in acquiring different musical instruments and get the latest marimba for sale in the net. Not that I am not proud of my sons for the achievements to the art of music they have done this far, but I would have been the proudest mom on earth to have sons who know how to play all musical instruments there are.


I am afraid my other blog is near its deletion. Time and again, I forgot to pay the cost of renewing its domain name. Many times have I gone to the mall but dumb me I forgot to pay at the payment center. I am confronted with the dilemma of letting it go and give its natural death or contact the server host and ask the cost of reviving it back to life? It has not been receiving any paid tasks lately due to its low page rank. The cost of its domain renewal is quite higher than the renewal cost of this site. I hope to seek the solution to this dilemma, soon.


I have some misgivings over my future plans in life. I should have finished my doctorate degree last semester. I still have to submit my dissertation before I could graduate. But, I fret no more. For the New Year, I made a resolve to finish the dissertation and graduate this year. I am excited already to graduate and finally achieve a greater sense of fulfillment in this life's dimension. I only wish, though, that the Graduate School student officers' will be able to think of a school project that would give a meaningful memento to the students during their graduation day. It would be great to have a college class ring designed with a gemstone and logo of the school embedded on it. I especially love the designs of the college rings. They are just great! I sure will bring this to the attention of the school officers once I enrol in the next semester. Here, I attached a sample image so you will get to see a glimpse of what I am saying.


Year 2016 is year of the Red Monkey. I am no believer in fengshui but I am a bit confused why inside of me it seeks to know the colors of the year. And so I searched for an answer. White, blue and gold are the happy colors. I like the colors of the year if this is the case. I love whites especially when it has an interplay with light, it creates nuance and subtle beauty. I attended a grand wedding last December 29 and it was simple, elegant and grand. The color motif was white and blue. When it had an interplay with the lights, wow it indeed created meaning and subtle beauty. It was the simplest ad grandest wedding I had ever attended. I am now having the fancy of wearing my blue and white clothes and imbibe the energy these happy colors brings for this new year.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...