Sunday, January 24, 2016


By heart,  I am a music-minded person and so are my children. Way back when my family's  budget was tight I settle for the cheap and the not so quality stereo system. It was better than nothing. I did not know much then about quality stereo systems. I gained more experience about it when I joined the choir group in my Office. I listen to how our music operator would converse to his friend officemates about the quality sound of stereo systems. I came to know that an adam audio is a quality studio monitor speaker that delivers quality audio from a compact design. For a quality-conscious user why not look this up.


The movie marathon I have planned for today did not materialize. I had four new DVD family movies to watch but the power outage constrained my family's enjoyment. It costs me less to watch movies at home. We get the same movie experience like the display and sensurround for sound effects at home. I simply hook in my LCD (liquid crystal display) projector to a laptop, connect the jack from my laptop to the music mixer and speaker for the audio and voila, we are in for comfy movie entertainment.  We can watch a series of movies, pause whenever we want for a break and repeat the movie all over when we want to. The whole family stays and watch together. This is what I always look forward to during weekends. I hope there will be no more power outage during weekends.


Every year there are always parties to plan about. What with all birthday celebrations, excluding mine because I am not planning to hold a special celebration for me this year, planning ahead will smoothen out every detail and ease away all creases and jitters during the day of celebration. It would not look well if what I have in mind, of holding only one celebration for all my children's' birthdays, will be followed. My children do not conform so I won't bother thinking about it. It pays to plan ahead so as early as now I already have the checklist of things to do. I do this so I could prepare the amount of money I should need for each birthday celebration. In this year's birthday celebrations, the venue will just be at home. This gives me more leeways on food, decors and exciting stuff preparations for less money than holding it in a rented venue. I find it challenging also to transform the house space for the birthday reception into an elegant and cozy party area. I can do this by simply choosing the right linens, flowers and the interplay of the linen colors with the light. Picking the quality linen fabrics, table runners, tablecloths, table skirting, chair covers and sash is very essential. My standard of home party linens is similar to that of custom linen rentals Quality linen and fabrics for tables and chairs are found here. Tablecloths and table linens are for rent and or for sale in this site. For me, I do not like to buy new tablecloths and linens as the storage after the party is a problem.  I would rather rent so I can always pick the fresh and good looking linens and tablecloth. The internet is a rich source of ideas and concepts for party decors and arrangements so from food to physical arrangements and other stuffs the parties I will be planning will surely go best.


What do you do in case of a thirteen-hour power outage on a Sunday like today? This was a pre-announced power outage so I had preparedness activities done. Last night, I have fully charged the electric fans, the flashlights, laptops and cellphones and mosquito swat. I have prepared the candles and anti-mosquito lotion, too. The power outage was announced to be from 6am to 6pm but it did not get back until 7:30pm. The longer I wait the more I became anxious. The electric fan was good only for three hours so the rest of the time I did some manual fanning.  The laptops power went off so fast. The flashlights illuminated all the parts of the house. The mosquito swat did a perfect mosquito killing performance. The mosquito lotion repelled the pesky mosquitoes in my skin.  The whole time from 5:30 pm to 7:30pm I was killing the mosquitoes inside the house with the mosquito swat. The pesky mosquitoes thrive in a hot and humid evening but not with my mosquito swat. They puff to death when hit by the swat. It was a relief when finally the power outage got over and it was time to eat a sumptuous dinner served hot. This power outage reminds me to contact the generator set technician to troubleshoot the problem of its malfunction so that next time the power outage happen, we will still have the convenience of using our house utilities for comfy living.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


It is amazing that many people are more talented than the others. Some are born musicians. Some are made. My uncle who was born blind was a born musician. He can play any instrument without much effort. Maybe it is in my family's genes to be musicians only that some of my kins lack the practice and effort to excel in this craft. Like for my two sons, how I wish they could both play the marimba as there are only very few people who know how to play marimba. They could be distinct and unique from their peers. I would have invested in acquiring different musical instruments and get the latest marimba for sale in the net. Not that I am not proud of my sons for the achievements to the art of music they have done this far, but I would have been the proudest mom on earth to have sons who know how to play all musical instruments there are.


I am afraid my other blog is near its deletion. Time and again, I forgot to pay the cost of renewing its domain name. Many times have I gone to the mall but dumb me I forgot to pay at the payment center. I am confronted with the dilemma of letting it go and give its natural death or contact the server host and ask the cost of reviving it back to life? It has not been receiving any paid tasks lately due to its low page rank. The cost of its domain renewal is quite higher than the renewal cost of this site. I hope to seek the solution to this dilemma, soon.


I have some misgivings over my future plans in life. I should have finished my doctorate degree last semester. I still have to submit my dissertation before I could graduate. But, I fret no more. For the New Year, I made a resolve to finish the dissertation and graduate this year. I am excited already to graduate and finally achieve a greater sense of fulfillment in this life's dimension. I only wish, though, that the Graduate School student officers' will be able to think of a school project that would give a meaningful memento to the students during their graduation day. It would be great to have a college class ring designed with a gemstone and logo of the school embedded on it. I especially love the designs of the college rings. They are just great! I sure will bring this to the attention of the school officers once I enrol in the next semester. Here, I attached a sample image so you will get to see a glimpse of what I am saying.


Year 2016 is year of the Red Monkey. I am no believer in fengshui but I am a bit confused why inside of me it seeks to know the colors of the year. And so I searched for an answer. White, blue and gold are the happy colors. I like the colors of the year if this is the case. I love whites especially when it has an interplay with light, it creates nuance and subtle beauty. I attended a grand wedding last December 29 and it was simple, elegant and grand. The color motif was white and blue. When it had an interplay with the lights, wow it indeed created meaning and subtle beauty. It was the simplest ad grandest wedding I had ever attended. I am now having the fancy of wearing my blue and white clothes and imbibe the energy these happy colors brings for this new year.


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