Sunday, January 24, 2016


Every year there are always parties to plan about. What with all birthday celebrations, excluding mine because I am not planning to hold a special celebration for me this year, planning ahead will smoothen out every detail and ease away all creases and jitters during the day of celebration. It would not look well if what I have in mind, of holding only one celebration for all my children's' birthdays, will be followed. My children do not conform so I won't bother thinking about it. It pays to plan ahead so as early as now I already have the checklist of things to do. I do this so I could prepare the amount of money I should need for each birthday celebration. In this year's birthday celebrations, the venue will just be at home. This gives me more leeways on food, decors and exciting stuff preparations for less money than holding it in a rented venue. I find it challenging also to transform the house space for the birthday reception into an elegant and cozy party area. I can do this by simply choosing the right linens, flowers and the interplay of the linen colors with the light. Picking the quality linen fabrics, table runners, tablecloths, table skirting, chair covers and sash is very essential. My standard of home party linens is similar to that of custom linen rentals Quality linen and fabrics for tables and chairs are found here. Tablecloths and table linens are for rent and or for sale in this site. For me, I do not like to buy new tablecloths and linens as the storage after the party is a problem.  I would rather rent so I can always pick the fresh and good looking linens and tablecloth. The internet is a rich source of ideas and concepts for party decors and arrangements so from food to physical arrangements and other stuffs the parties I will be planning will surely go best.

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