Sunday, January 24, 2016


What do you do in case of a thirteen-hour power outage on a Sunday like today? This was a pre-announced power outage so I had preparedness activities done. Last night, I have fully charged the electric fans, the flashlights, laptops and cellphones and mosquito swat. I have prepared the candles and anti-mosquito lotion, too. The power outage was announced to be from 6am to 6pm but it did not get back until 7:30pm. The longer I wait the more I became anxious. The electric fan was good only for three hours so the rest of the time I did some manual fanning.  The laptops power went off so fast. The flashlights illuminated all the parts of the house. The mosquito swat did a perfect mosquito killing performance. The mosquito lotion repelled the pesky mosquitoes in my skin.  The whole time from 5:30 pm to 7:30pm I was killing the mosquitoes inside the house with the mosquito swat. The pesky mosquitoes thrive in a hot and humid evening but not with my mosquito swat. They puff to death when hit by the swat. It was a relief when finally the power outage got over and it was time to eat a sumptuous dinner served hot. This power outage reminds me to contact the generator set technician to troubleshoot the problem of its malfunction so that next time the power outage happen, we will still have the convenience of using our house utilities for comfy living.

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