Friday, February 12, 2016


When I had my house refurbishing, I ensured that my kitchen get that tidy and clutter free appearance. The plates, glasses, and other kitchen utensils are placed in shelves and organizers. The organizers inside the shelves were made to be pulled out with less effort. Getting and putting back the plates and other kitchen utensils are made easy by simply pulling out the organizers which were installed using sliding rulers. My regrets that I was not able to plan out for a sliding door in my kitchen. But, soon I will be able to fulfill this plan when I have my house repair. I do not know how this is done but I read about this sliding door gear for apartments that I can recommend to my foreman. My house repair will start after the house blueprint shall have been finished by the one I commissioned to do it.


Last weekend I had fever and flu. It started with a sore throat and body aches. Good thing my home remedies were effective. I was able to attend the out of town conference in Subic. My home remedies were: 
1. Plenty of fluid intake.
2. Whole day rest.
3. Hot chicken soup.
4. Nasal decongestion by inhaling hot vapor from boiling water.
5. Took paracetamol.

After two days, I was up and about again.