Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Shopping is generally fun and exciting. But, not when queueing and waiting for the right size or color being wanted. Or queueing in at the cashier section to pay. One never likes to be messed up in such a ridiculous and tormenting situation but when there is nothing left to do but queue and wait, patience is left to be tested and coping is the best thing to do. However, one does not need to be in such a situation when there are ways to avoid queueing and getting stressed. Why not shop online and get those CozyWinters get up that you might have been looking for or maybe just anything that could be available online. The list of items could be viewed and just by looking, one can already decide on what to buy. It is simple and easy. Go online, search for cozy winters get up and other needs and shop till you drop.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


My children were asking why this day is called Black Saturday. I asked the same question to my parents when I was a child. My parents would tell me it is a day to be sad and pathetic because Jesus Christ is dead. My mother used to cover the mirror with black cloth, we were not allowed to take a bath from Friday of 3pm until Sunday of 3pm and it was not allowed to turn on nor listen to the radio. If we had a television set that time, maybe it was not allowed to open it, too. We were told to only be praying and asking for repentance of our sins, all because Jesus Christ was dead. It is called Black Saturday because black is the colour of death and of mourning. Mourning for the death of Jesus Christ who still lies in his tomb from his death on a Good Friday until his resurrection on Easter Sunday. Today, the traditions of covering the mirror with a black cloth, of not taking a bath on a Black Saturday and of not turning on to listen to the radio are not anymore being practiced. Few and few people indulge in praying. It is a fact that there is eroding in traditions as a product of modernization. And these traditions, were to me what makes Saturday before a Holy Saturday.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


It is summertime once again. My children will have their school break a week from now. As always, during summer break, I usually enroll my schooling children to music lessons. Last year, it was a voice tutorial lesson. This time, I am enrolling them in guitar lessons, and not just guitar lessons but electric guitar lessons. They will be acquainted for sure with the ec500 electric guitar with emg pickups. I would be so glad to hear them show off their newly acquired skill during the recital. I will buy one electric guitar for my boys for their electric guitar lessons.


Too bad I came home late from the mall from shopping for the week's grocery items. I missed the 2nd round of presidential debate in Cebu City. This debate lost much time to the effects of miscommunication to one of the candidates that was a big glitch from the host tv station, the TV5. After a one hour delay, the debate started. My praises for my presidential candidate for being a principled person. I would like to see my candidate to be the winner in the upcoming elections. I have apprehensions, though, that this election might be one that is wrapped with fraud. But, I only hope that goodness will prevail in the end.


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...