Monday, September 26, 2016


Every October there is a celebration in cities dubbed as "Octoberfest". What I remember of this feast is that there is a line up of events for 16 days to celebrate the month. One activity I attended was a contest of the local wines where I was once one of the board of judges. I had to judge the local wines as to taste, packaging, and promotion. It was sort of a challenge tasting the local wines which have little alcohol content. After the judging, I felt tipsy. A party was held after that with a live band, a special party when it is played with a live band. What with the guitar, saxophone, keyboard, drums and bass the partygoers could not resist dancing including me who was already tipsy. From wines to dancing, Octoberfest is what really it is. Musical bands are in during October. Hence, for musical instruments, interested people can Check Out MF's bass trombone Selection to choose for the best value of their money.

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