Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Smoking in public places is really a no-no. The attention of people who smoke in public should be caught immediately in order to educate them, for first-time offenders about its prohibition and or to retool them if these smokers in public places are second time offenders. The active smokers like them need to be educated that passive smokers, like me and other people who don't smoke, are posed with health risks by their indiscriminate smoking. The law that prohibits smoking in public places must be enforced strictly that all people who smoke may have their proper place to spew their smoke into. The law enforcers are seemingly lax on enforcing the arrest of flagrant violators. Ordinary people who sometimes have the guts to call the attention of these active smokers, most often than not, get retorted by philosophical answers of these smokers. The government has put up proper labels in cigarette packs showing the pictures on the ill effects of cigarette smoking, increased the tax on cigarettes but these are not enough motivators to stop or smoke in moderation. Enforcement of the law prohibiting smoking in public places should be totally banned and to punish the offenders every time they are caught violating the law.

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