Monday, September 26, 2016


Last month, I had the chance to travel to the province of Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. It was my first to Ilocos Sur  and my second time to travel to Ilocos Norte. The recent one was very memorable.  It was full of fun and excitement. The long ride which took about ten hours to get to Ilocos Norte was very relaxing on a tourist bus from the Manila Airport. In Ilocos Norte, I had the chance to see the famous wind mills, the visit to the residence of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, unfortunately, I was not able to enter the museum as it was close for the preparation of his supposed burial. The taste of the famous empanada, a taste that is very different from the empanada in my city, was also an experience. The exciting part of the trip in Ilocos Norte was the 4 x 4jeep ride in the sand dunes of Ilocos Norte. It was an exhilarating adventure to ride in the 4 x 4 jeep climbing up the steep ridge and gliding down the road towards the sea. The very wide desert was so amazing, it was my first to trod my feet on it. I felt like being in the desert of Arizona and or in Dubai.

The trip to Ilocos Sur was also a very memorable one.  I met and chat with the very young City Mayor of Vigan, Mayor Carlo Singson Medina. I was interviewed by the local tv media as to my group's purpose in visiting the City of Vigan. The city is very rich in cultural heritage as visible seen in all the buildings that are constructed with the same architectural design. The calesa ride to the old houses in Vigan City was a hit back, a ride that makes one think back of the past during the time of the late Philippine hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. I wished to have walked on foot on this place during the night but maybe next time.

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