Friday, July 21, 2017


In the recent earthquake that happened in my province, there were a lot of destructions to properties aside from casualties it havoc to people.  Of course, the widespread power black out in my province and in nearby provinces also brought negative consequences to households and negatively impacted the economic sectors but there is one positive consequence I learned out of the power interruption. Families had more time to bond together and talk intently because electronic gadgets and wifi connection was absent or limited. One bonding moment, for example, is singing together. The guitars which were once left to stay alone and dusty in the corner became the center of attraction. Why not? Guitars have quality sound especially those that are with a quality compressor pedal built in on it. The sound of our guitar at home signifies it has a quality compressor pedal. Its sound is a far cry from the cheap guitars sold in cheap musical stores. I sure have the best buy for the cost of my guitar.

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