Tuesday, July 25, 2017


We have a new family member in the house. His name is Digong, our little cute puppy. He is the love of the family. We love to pamper him. He has no cage and leash for now as he is still approximately two months old. He fed on milk but yesterday, we discovered that he loves to eat rice and tuna flakes in oil more than the commercial dog food bought for him! My son gives him dog treats and Digong is such a good eater! What a cutie dog he is! He had not his bath yet as the weather is not warm, lately. He is just cleaned up by way of wet wipes. The issue he has for now is fleas and we are hoping that the anti-flea will work on him. He will have his first visit to the vet next week for deworming and later for vaccination. The adorable Digong is a replacement of our demised dog named Barack. Welcome, Digong!

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