Friday, July 7, 2017

Earthquake in Leyte on July 6

An earthquake shook this part of my province at a magnitude of Intensity V. It happened at 4:03 pm. I was still in the Office when it happened. I had the slightest idea that the earthquake will not have that intensity and duration. The depth of focus was 050. According to Wikipedia, in seismology, the depth of focus or focal depth refers to the depth at which an earthquake occurs. Earthquakes occurring at a depth of less than 70km (43mi) are classified as shallow-focus earthquakes, while those with a focal depth between 70km and 300 km are commonly termed mid-focus or intermediate-depth earthquakes. My goodness, the earthquake that happened in my place was of a shallow depth, however, it caused tremendous damage to many infrastructures and caused casualties to the most number of people. Fear once again gripped among many especially the children and those that have experienced the wrath of the strongest typhoon, Haiyan about four years ago. I hope that they who are most affected will fastly recover.

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