Friday, July 21, 2017


Sleeping late in the night recently has been frequent for me. Why? I keep on tweaking my new cell fone for the familiarity of its features. I relish on the feeling of having a new cell fone, excitement runs over me to try on its camera which has a better image resolution than my old cell fone. I now use the earphones, too as I love the sound quality of this new cell fone. I waved goodbye to my two-year old cell fone and handed it down to my younger son. Well, it served me best for the last two years that it was in my possession. But, I found a better alternative and so my new fave is now my new cell fone. I have a bigger data plan now for my new cell fone. Anytime, when needed I could access the internet and other sites as I have a faster access now to the internet. I feel pampered and loved with my new cell fone.

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