Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

What Is Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is imperative when the nerve of a tooth is suffering from decay or infection. For the tooth to be safe, the pulp (the living cells in the tooth), nerves, bacteria, and any decay are gotten rid of, and the resulting space filled with particular medicated dental components, which restore the tooth to its complete function.

Having a root canal carried out on a tooth is undoubtedly the treatment of preference to save a tooth that otherwise might die and also have to pull out.  Many patients think that getting rid of a tooth which has problems may be the remedy, but what they not figured out is that extracting (pulling) a tooth will eventually be more expensive and trigger significant complications for an adjacent tooth.

Root canal therapy is highly effective and usually lasts forever, although sometimes, a tooth has to be treated occasionally because of new infections.

Signs or symptoms of possible root canal treatment:

An abscess (or spot) on the gums,

Sensitivity to warm and cold

Serious toothache discomfort

Occasionally no symptoms can be found.

Swelling or pain.

Apparent reasons for root canal treatment:

Decay has already reached the tooth pulp (the living cells in the tooth).

Contamination or abscess has developed in the tooth or at the root tip.

 Damage to the tooth

What will root canal treatment involve?

A root canal treatment requires several appointments and may be carried out by a dental practitioner or endodontist (a root canal expert).

As the tooth remains numb, a rubber dam (a sheet of rubber) will be positioned around the tooth for it to stay dry and free from saliva.  An entrance to opening is made possible on top of the tooth, and several root canal files documents are positioned into the opening, one by one, eliminating the pulp, nerve cells, and bacteria. If tooth decay exists, it will be gotten rid of with special dental tools.

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